You Know You Love Seeing Me Naked!


Hi dolls. It’s been a while since my last old school photo post and I didn’t want to deprive you all for too long LOL. So here I am in all my adorably naked glory (again)! I mean seriously, how cute was I?!?!? Haha I look like such a little diva — hair in a bun, dead serious face, surrounded by bubbles in a luxurious bathtub. 

Man, I really knew how to live when I was 2 1/2 years old. If only I still had that kind of time to kick back and relax. Ok, that’s it, I’m calling it quits for the day. Bath time! LOL. Haha yeah right, I wish!

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    mode in italy |  Posted on May 19th, 2010


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    MariaDE |  Posted on May 19th, 2010

    U look so cute!!!!

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    Christy |  Posted on May 19th, 2010

    Some things never change- you’re just as adorable and sweet now as you were then! Soooo cute I can hardly stand it! I love to look at pics of me and my fam when we were young! It’s so fun. Love you!

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    Eleanor |  Posted on May 19th, 2010

    You are so cute in this photo!!! ;-)

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    maud / frenchdoll69 |  Posted on May 19th, 2010

    hooo u are so cute ! a real lovely doll!

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    Kimm |  Posted on May 19th, 2010

    Khloe!! I just think you are amazing and beautiful! Such a cute pic! xoxo

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    alexa |  Posted on May 19th, 2010

    what a cutie :) tnks!

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    Lauren |  Posted on May 19th, 2010

    awh chloe you are soo cute :]
    your hair is so fuzzy haha ..

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    Shanaye |  Posted on May 19th, 2010

    Oh my goodness! Khloe you were too adorable ! Love you ! :)

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    bmmdluv |  Posted on May 19th, 2010

    Awwww how c.u.t.e

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