You Ready For Night Two?

That’s right, we are back with another new episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians tonight!! Tune in at 9/8c on E! lovies!!! xoxo

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Jan 20th

    Excited for Night 2 of Keeping Up Season 9!!!!

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    alexandra_g |  Posted on Jan 20th

    Can’t wait!
    I adore you, Khloé! Your a strong woman!

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    pookiepoo |  Posted on Jan 20th

    As much as I like you, and I do understand you’re going through personal issues in your life, but WHY can’t you take out a few minutes for your fans? We write & write, but NEVER hear back from you, that’s really sad! Connect with others who have been thru something like this, read YOUR own blog and start blocking the spammers/dating site, that right there tells me you don’t even look at your own website.
    Best of luck to you! Sad thing you’re going through so please take care!

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    pookiepoo |  Posted on Jan 20th

    My comment was NOT meant as an attack by any means, just take time out of you day like we take time out of our day to come to your blog and communicate. Stop ignoring people!

  5. Acire Sraes |  Posted on Jan 20th

    Everyone has shit, Don’t let anyone make you feel different for what you are going through..for what its worth I hope you continue to be a bright light- I’ve always tuned in to watch your show and I laugh lift me up..wish you the best.

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    wizelove |  Posted on Jan 20th

    you are very sexy

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    DezzyWezzy |  Posted on Jan 21st

    God bless you, have faith in God. You are a beautiful person and strong. God only gives things to those he knows can handle it and he will reward for it.

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    Christine1978 |  Posted on Jan 23rd

    I just want to say that the first 2 episodes I totally felt your pain. I went through a divorce and I could not imagine having to go trough it on national television!!!!! I don’t know how you did it! But with your family surrounding you and you being strong you get through it. I remember it was a very lonely time for me and I truly had to rely on MYSELF!!!! No one understands what it is to go through a divorce unless they have been through it! I’m sure you are looking back at this and it feels like a whirlwind. Hope it has gotten better and you look beautiful!

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