Win a Signed Package of Kardashian Glam SillyBandz!

  • Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian And Khloe Kardashian Launch Their
  • Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian pose wearing Kardashian Glam SillyBandz
  • Kardashian Glam SillyBandz
  • Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian And Khloe Kardashian Launch Their

Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian and Malika Haqq pose wearing Kardashian Glam SillyBandz

Hi sillies!!! It’s time for another giveaway! Today I’m giving away 10 packages of our Kardashian Glam SillyBandz signed by yours truly.

It’s super easy to enter — just tell me in a comment if you were to launch your own line of SillyBandz, what shapes they would come in or what theme you would use! You have until next Thursday, April 7, at 5pm PT to enter.

The SillyBandz are one of my favorite products that we’ve worked on — I wear them all the time. I just love how fun and colorful they are! You can purchase them online HERE :)

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  1. avatar
    CaseyilyssaXO |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

    Hey Khloe,

    The shapes I would make are a tie-dye heart ( I love Hearts), Tie-dye yellow and purple basketball (IM A DIE HARD LAKERS FAN), coke can, blackberry and laptop !

    Hope I win !


    • francesca_fusaro |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

      Hi khloster(: SInce I’m IN LOVE with you & LamLam and my world basically revolves around you two, my silly bandz would be based on you guys!(:

      The shapes I would include are:
      A wedding ring
      A basketball
      The words: “True Love” & “Khlomar”
      The Lakers sign
      The letters K&L
      Unbreakable!!(of course)
      A heart

      And of course the colors would include purple(because it’s your favorite color) and a lot of neon colors so it would be a bright, fun & multicolored collection!
      I already have the Kardashian silly bandz and i wear them every single day no matter what I’m wearing but I would DIE to have a signed pack! I love you more than anything !! Hope I win(:

      • francesca_fusaro |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

        OH & henry of course!!

    • Geraldine |  Posted on Apr 3rd, 2011

      Hey Khloe! if i was to make my own sillybandz i would create me with my two sisters because im superclose to them like you! i would do the shape of your wedding ring that you thought you lost. hehe i would design one in a heart shape, and they would all be bright. i would create one in the shape of a rainbow with all the colours of it. i would make just a normal bracelet and make small charms for it with the intinals K+L, a wee handbag, little shoes, a necklace your enganement ring, a little lipstick, and LA Lakers. i would make three charms of little people which would be me and my two sisters, or you,Kourt and Kim :) ! xx thanks

    • Geraldine |  Posted on Apr 9th, 2011

      who won the competition?

  2. avatar
    Gabi |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

    My shapes would be blacberry, some good parfume, probably something that reminds me on my job, initials of my sweety… i think i will would have much more ideas…. anyway, that would be things that are important in my life….

    kiss kiss, mwaaaaaaaaa

  3. avatar
    sindyleroux |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

    My shapes will be cartoons Characters everybody loves cartoons and in everyone there is a cartoon waiting to pop out.

    lover your shows
    Sindy all the way from South Africa

    • Dee`Jaye |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

      My silly bands would be things that describe me (like characteristics or something lol!) like:
      —>DEFINITELY have to have your shape Khloe, its only right haha [Duh!]
      ~a High Heel( as high as they can make it lol )
      ~a Wedding Ring (I’m a preachers wife type of lady aha! ;)I feel ready for marriage &I’m only 20)
      ~Charm Bracelet (I like those!)
      ~a Little’Doggie! (always wanted my own dog big or small; preferably BIG caine corsos, pits, rock, or a boxer!)
      ~probably My Name, Dee`Jaye (just cuz’ out of boredom I will start writing my name, been a habit for years!)
      ~Books(represents COLLEGE GIRL)
      &last but not ever least of all… I cant decide on if it would be,
      ~The Cross or ~His face???
      …most likely both; Jesus IS MY EVERYTHING Khlo! Hope you like doll -Xo

  4. Desi ♥ Doll |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

    Hi Khloe! I would do a jungle theme! The silly bands would come in shades of brown and green with trees and bushes, lions, elephants and giraffes! OMG giraffe – just like Henry!!

  5. apeek01 |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

    Hi Khloe!

    If I was creating Silly Bandz I think I would do a baking them! I love to bake, so I think that would be a cute idea.

    Cupcake, Layered Cake, Mixer, Icing piping bag, Spatula, apron, and of course a little oven!

    How cute!

    By the way, I am counting down the days to the Khloe & Lamar premier! Can’t wait!

  6. avatar
    mibost5634 |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

    My shapes would be the shape of my kids and there favorite things.


    • avatar
      pinky23 |  Posted on Apr 6th, 2011

      If I were to have my own line of silly bands I would do a romantic theme and the shapes that I would have would be:
      -a rose
      -a ring
      -a heart
      -a candle
      -an infinity sign (for being together forever)
      -love birds

      Stuff like that. And its really cool that you guys launched these they are pretty sweet!! :)

  7. Daniel Kardashian |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

    If I were to launch my own line of SillyBandz my theme would be: LAKERS!!!!
    I would have a BASKETBALL, the word ODOM and LA, a BASKETBALL COURT, a TROPHY, and a STAR because they are the BEST!!!


    I really feel like launching these now LOL!

  8. avatar
    irishmama |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

    Hi Khloe!

    Silly Bandz doesnt have anything in Irish style!!!!!!! I checked their website!!!
    Shamrock, 3 color flag, Leprechaun, pint of gunness, etc.

    Will be cool for St. Patrick day!


  9. avatar
    sidzh |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

    Hi Khloe :)

    If I would launch my own line of SillyBandz – I think I wouldn’t have a specific theme, but the colors must be bright and cheerful (maybe some black and whites too – love a contrast :). And the shapes definitely would be something close to my heart – like – weird shape of a heart (adore hearts), bows (love), antique perfume bottle, Chanel type purse, word “love” and “mom”, sunglasses (huge ones), shape of a hot girl to make myself feel better, coca-cola bottle, a cupcake (loooove sweets) and maybe chupa-chups and of course – my initials :)

    Damn it – now I have to make my own freakin’ SillyBandz :D

    xoxo – Sigita :)

  10. avatar
    tinkers107 |  Posted on Mar 31st, 2011

    I would do a set of naughty x-rated shapes for bacholrette parties, etc…..

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