Khloe Knows Best: Workout Regimen


Watching your weight is something we all battle! Working out is something we dread!! But lately I have been realizing that working out and eating healthier leads to a better, happier lifestyle in general! I for one, have totally changed my daily regimen. First off, I go boxing three days a week– Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Boxing is such an amazing working and stress reliever. I never feel like I am working out while I am boxing (which I love!!).

Besides boxing, I work out everyday and do a full cardio workout that includes running on the treadmill and bicycling. I try to work out with a friend so that we keep each other motivated and moving. That way, if I back down, they can push me back into it and work even harder! I am a competitive person so having a friend with me is fab! On weekends, I try to stay active as well. I used to use the weekends as my free days off but then realized Mondays turned out hard for a reason.  So, I do different types of things besides the gym, like hiking with my little sisters. Walking with them keeps me on my toes because of all of their energy. I have to keep up with those girls!

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    Jennifer |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2008

    Khloe you look great! :) pleaase, don’t ever do anything different with your hair, It looks georgeous! :D <3

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    Courtney |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2008

    How do you get those beautiful tresses?

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    Cess |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2008

    Hey Khloe kee doing your regimen you´re looking great, I can totally undestand you Im going through a similar process at the time, this i´ve read is totally inspirational to me. XOX

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    stringtheoryrob |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2008

    Whatever you’re doing works great!

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    Fiona |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2008

    Khloe i LOVE your hair!! I got mine cut like yours yesterday!! Your looking fab u lous these days!! xO

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    Cassandra |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2008

    lets work out together!! hahahah
    I hate working out. I need some motivation.
    If someone asked me if I wanted to work out with the Kardashians, I would jump to my feet lol. That’s some motivation!! haha

    keep up the good work<3

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    Amy |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2008

    Hi Khloe!
    I think that boxing is great! I love it! I also love tennis… It makes you feel great and it’s really fun! If you haven’t, you should try it!
    Best of luck with your health,
    -xoxoxo Amy

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    ROB |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2008

    YUP Khloe your totaly right i started my diet when KIM decided to start and stop putting it off and welcomed every1 to join her so i did and i lost at least 25 SO FAR and im not done, its really worth it so stay fit and fab doll!

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    Crystal Reid |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2008

    Keep up the good work. i work out a lot to Sweetcakes

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    sarah<3 |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2008

    hey khloe
    keep up the good work you look great!!

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