Watch my friend Alan’s short film ‘Breaking News’

Hey guys!  Remember a while back I did a post telling you to go to the screening for my friend Alan C. Beard’s movie Breaking News?  Well I just wanted to let you know that you can now watch it online!  It’s really intense but an incredible film.  Alan is very talented and I definitely think it’s something you should all check out!

Watch the movie HERE!

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    clara |  Posted on Apr 4th, 2009

    wow…that was a great movie. Your friend Alan is a so great and talented.
    I mean I was captivated throughout the course of the entire thing.
    It was so hard to see that there are some people who do not realize and take heed of the fact that their relatives and loved ones are hurting.
    Thank You so much for allowing us to savor this great short film and to remember that being a mother, wife and housekeeper is alot to handle.
    I know you are a loving and caring person and I admire you. I watch the show every Sunday. And this just reminds me how you helped a homeless man named Shorty get his life back on track. I will never forget that. You are awesome. (knowing you, that is not the only charitable act you’ve done)
    P.S. Could you post more of your friends short films? I would definitely be interested in watching more from him.


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    Brandon |  Posted on Apr 4th, 2009

    That was a amazing film. I think that more people need to be aware that things like that go on everyday. When we are with someone we need to listen, care, help out and love endlessly. Thank you Khloe for suggesting watching that short film. Keep doing what your doing you have a big heart. Just remember to the world you are someone but to someone you are the world.

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    Elaine |  Posted on Apr 4th, 2009

    Khloe your friend has a great message, and I hope that many people watch this short film. I was watching one of your recent episodes, and you were upset by what people were posting about you on the internet. I am a 49 year old mother of two boys (ages 24, and 22). I am so glad that they do not have to deal with the pressures that you do. You are a beautiful young woman! Don’t let other people bring you down. You have the right to live your life, your way. I am glad that you have a close family, and great friends. You have handled yourself with such grace and dignity through the DUI and internet slams. You are such an inspiration to me and I wish I had a daughter just like you. Continue to surround yourself with happy people.

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    Mp |  Posted on Apr 4th, 2009

    hey doll! whats up? i just wanna ask u.. do u know when is gonna start the new season of keeping up with the kardashians at mexico? because i think it have started at us!!!
    and i cant wait more for see it

    i hope u could answer me =)

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    Gena  |  Posted on Apr 4th, 2009

    Hey Khloe! I was in DASH on Monday or Tuesday with my mom, cousin, and aunt. We just wanted to let you know how much we loved it, and thank you and kylie for being so sweet. We know that you probably meet alot of people, but if you let us with happy memories and made our trip worth it! Stay Sweet! XoXo

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    Meg |  Posted on Apr 4th, 2009

    Hi Khloe that was a good film.You Know your a fabulous and great person.I Idol you very much stay happy loveya meg Khloe

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    Kelsey |  Posted on Apr 4th, 2009

    Hi Khloe! I’m just commenting to tell you how awesome you are! I think you are so hilarious and pretty. ;)

    By the way, you have fans all the way up in Alaska! Love ya!

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    Ariel |  Posted on Apr 4th, 2009


    That was OD. I am really not sure how to react nor what else I should write.

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    kelie |  Posted on Apr 5th, 2009

    back to the future!!!! watch it, such a good old movie

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    ana |  Posted on Apr 5th, 2009

    wow!! yes totally intense and one of the best short films ive seen. just finished watching todays episode and wow that was harsh. but i know i would have felt the same way if that had happened to me. cant wait for the next episode. woop!woop! ooh and just wanted to add something else that i noticed, you said TATA several times in this one. haha funny its all stuck in my head now, thanks khloe!! haha jk.


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