Scooter Time!

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New Episode Of Keeping Up Tonight!

Hello dolls! Watch this sneak peek of tonight’s episode, and don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9/8c only on E!

Answering Fan Questions!

Last week, I had you guys tweet me some of your questions and I finally got around to answering some! Watch the video to see if I answered yours, and keep sending me your questions dolls, I want to keep answering as many as I can!! Love you!! XOXO

Win Big For A Great Cause!

Hello my dolls! I am teaming up with the World Wild Life Fund and Prizio to save the world’s endangered tigers!! You all know how much I love tigers and animals…so now is our chance to help! You just need to donate three dollars and you will be put in the raffle for a chance to win a trip out to LA and a shopping spree with me at DASH!! Just go to this link to donate!

It’s when we all get together in numbers that we can make the greatest change – and wild tigers desperately need our help. I really just want to inspire as much action as possible to help save these magnificent animals, so get to donating and hopefully I will see you in LA! XOXO

Are You Guys Still Watching?

The Kris Jenner Show is going so well, I couldn’t be more proud of my mom!! I hope you guys are still tuning in! Today’s “hump day” episode with co-host Nene Leakes is going to be wild and crazy, so tune in LIVE or watch it tonight on YouTube!

For more news and updates, follow The Kris Jenner Show on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!! XOXO

What Is She Talking About?

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