Unbreakable is Available at Sears!!!

Khloe Kardashian Odom And Lamar Odom's "Unbreakable" Fragrance is Now Available at Sears
Exciting news dolls!!! Unbreakable will now be available at Sears! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! It will be available in all stores as well as on the Sears website, plus it ships internationally. How many of you have tried Unbreakable?!

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  1. crazybabylove26 |  Posted on Sep 2nd, 2011

    soooooooooooooooooo cool ♥

    • @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted on Sep 3rd, 2011

      Hiya Khloe

      Thanks for sharing.. Love the picture..

      You and Lamar look stunning

      I made this video for you ..Hope you like it and tell me what you think if you do see it

      Here it is —>>>http://youtu.be/ULMhmkOh6As

      Leanne x

      • SmileLove |  Posted on Sep 3rd, 2011

        Wow! I wish that someday theey will be in Poland to byu!Kisses:)As always You look sweet and beautiful;)

  2. avatar
    MrsTizz |  Posted on Sep 2nd, 2011

    I am so glad, I have been trying to buy Unbreakable for months now here in Australia – love that you are now shipping internationally! Yay!

    • SmileLove |  Posted on Sep 3rd, 2011

      Hi Khloe
      I’m 28 years old.I’m from Poland.I hope that someday I will meet You.I was watched Keeping up with… and reality with You and Kourtney and Kim.I must say something-In my opinion You are the bets of Kardashians !I like You so much,and what is important?For You your fans are important.I want to be just like You.You show me that if I want-my dreams come true! You are so beautiful, patient, crazy and sweet!Pelase-never change!Be yourself!I want to meet You and I know that someday my dream come true!Kisses for You and be still the same.I love You Khloe;*

  3. francesca_fusaro |  Posted on Sep 2nd, 2011

    I have two bottles :) Unbreakable is my favorite fragrance! Bible!

  4. ♥ Abeer KDash ♥ |  Posted on Sep 2nd, 2011

    i’ve tried it :)
    Khloeeeeeeeee ♥ ♥ i know it’s early for this BUT finaly the video i was working for MONTHS is already here :D Khlomar Anniversaryyyyyyyyyyy .. ♥
    please Check it out and TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ;D ♥
    i won’t sleep until i see ur REPLY >_<
    love you Doll ♥
    ♥ Abeer XOXO

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    alleycat |  Posted on Sep 2nd, 2011

    I am currently on vacation in NYC and I went to a Perfumania store which is on corner 7th ave and 37th(?) Street and asked about the Unbreakable Bond fragrance. The cashier was madly raving about how fast it sells and had only four bottles left. I had some and loved, loved it. Congratulations Khlomar!!!
    On the other hand, I am so thankful for ***** Tamer for calling that mess out. And any fan or person stating that those tweets were only of sarcastic nature is absolutely lying. Somewhere were of sarcastic nature yes, but malicious intent was also very strongly communicated!!! It saddened me greatly as the personality responsible seems to be so brilliant and with amazing potential; and so very loved because of Khlomar. So very, very sad therefore, to note that SOMEONE would nurture the development of evil works in any person instead of love, faith, peace and all that is good…………… I am standing in the gap and declaring that no evil formed against the Odom household shall prosper! Amen.

  6. avatar
    tigger70 |  Posted on Sep 2nd, 2011

    When, oh when, will DASH come to Seattle???
    Love, love you girls!!

  7. SUPER MOM! |  Posted on Sep 2nd, 2011

    Khloe ur so great and ur designs AWESOME! You and ur sisters r always goin to NEW YORK, my son is turning 16yrs. old and he has always wanted to go i hope i can make this happen if you guys ever buy a ticket you dont want plz write me and let me know its expensive to go but that’s my son’s DREAM HE LOVES U GUYS WE WATCH ALL UR SHOWS WE R TRUE FANS! My son is ADHD and hardly has any friends all his peers make fun of him they thk he is gay and he is not. I love my son with all my life and but some people r just so rude. I wish people would just stop bothering him! plz write back. THANKS

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    tealady |  Posted on Sep 3rd, 2011

    Khloe, I’m very curious about your fragrance, will it be available in Poland?

  9. avatar
    al 123 xoxo |  Posted on Sep 3rd, 2011

    yay so glad ur shipping internationally ;D so glad becuz i live in england !!soo gtting a bottle right now xoxo

  10. Meg Pieper |  Posted on Sep 3rd, 2011

    hi khloe woooohooo!!!!

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