Turning 25 in Vegas Bitches!!!!

This past Friday the whole Kardashian krew hit Vegas for my 25th birthday party!!! Kourt, Kim, Reggie, Malika, Khadijah, Bobby, Rob, my mom, Jonathan, Simon, Monica, Clyde, Chanti, LaLa and Brittny came out for my special night…to name a few, LOL.

We literally had the best time ever!!! Kim who never drinks had two shots of Patron to celebrate and she was SO funny!!! I loved it!

A fan made me my own birthday pimp chalice and I literally drank out of that only and you can see it in some pics! One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten :)

First we all had dinner at Spago and it was so yummy.  Next we headed over to Pure Nightclub where I hosted my birthday bash!  At midnight they brought me the prettiest cake.  It was seriously a princess cake!!!!!!!

Honestly we were having dance offs all night. It was so funny! We were all just in such a silly mood!

Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes everyone!!!!!!

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    Jessica Ramos |  Posted on Jun 30th, 2009

    OMG Ur hair is sooo shiny! What do u use??? lol

    PS. U have the cutest brother!

  2. avatar
    elena |  Posted on Jun 30th, 2009

    heyyyyyyy……im first!!!!!

  3. avatar
    amanda |  Posted on Jun 30th, 2009

    you look fabolous! omg keep up the good work, it sure it paying off.


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    naza |  Posted on Jun 30th, 2009

    happy birthday khloe,
    All the best for you and happy alway with your family..bye^_^

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    Pete  |  Posted on Jun 30th, 2009

    Although you come from a line of good genes, I think you are absolutely stunning. We’re the same age and I see a lot of your humor and potty mouth used the same way I do. Haha. I’m originally from New York and moved to VA while I was young and watch the show whenever I can, and went even as far to date a girl that kinda looks like you. I love Keeping up with the Kardashians

  6. avatar
    Marlena S. |  Posted on Jun 30th, 2009

    Hi Khloe,
    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    You look soooooooooo great!!!
    Clearly you’ve been working it out, girl!!
    Good for you! I know it’s hard, but keep up the great job!! So proud of you! xoxo

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    Tanyaonya |  Posted on Jun 30th, 2009

    you look like you had a blast. Congratulations!
    ~style queens check out JIMASTYLE.COM~

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    Koko |  Posted on Jun 30th, 2009

    Thanx for sharing all the pictures..I enjoyed them and you all looked stunning.

  9. avatar
    Nisrine |  Posted on Jun 30th, 2009

    hey khloe,
    Happy b day, 25 is a beautiful age!!!!
    Very cool pics, you look great,hot,crazy sexy,fabulous!
    Where is Kourtney in the pix???? She missin out.Kim looks hotttttttt.

  10. avatar
    armenian gal erica |  Posted on Jun 30th, 2009

    What’s the big secret. Is rob dating milika? my question is still not answered.

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