Tumblr Tuesday: Kardash Obsession

This week’s Tumblr shout out goes to kardashobsession.tumblr.com! I found so many pics on this blog that I haven’t seen in SO long. Click through the gallery to see some of my favs and then head over and check it out for yourself. xoxoxo

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    xonikkiox98 |  Posted on Feb 19th, 2013


  2. teresajoerger |  Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    Khloe, please listen to me. All the words and crap and insinuations about you not being on X-Factor is a bunch of BS. I know u weren’t fired. You were so good at co-hosting the show. You were a natural at it. It was your niche. You reminded me of Kat Dilly from So you think you can Dance. During the same time slot was other singing shows going on like The Voice and I watched the X-Factor because of you. I don’t know what happened and why u won’t be co-hosting on the next season but I will not be watching the X-Factor anymore. There is going to be a lot of things said about why you’re not going to be on the show anymore but don’t listen to it. There already are rumors floating around and I wish I could get in their face and tell them where to go. I love u as a person and a friend. I am there for u 100%. ily

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    Cute Tumblr. Love the memorable pictures.

  4. Uwais 'Patel |  Posted on Feb 19th, 2013

    Hi Khloe, Can you check out my blog kasually-kardashian.tumblr.com . Its updated everyday and has pictures of the entire family. I hope you like it. Plus can you come to Toronto and meet me? Im dying to see you! Im 16 and a boy and always wanted to meet your family in person. Hope you can come and visit soon!

  5. _AlexKardashian |  Posted on Feb 20th, 2013
  6. belldashing |  Posted on Feb 20th, 2013

    Koko, please check my tumblr fyeahthekardashians.tumblr.com I hope you will like it <3

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    www.kardashianfann1.blogspot.com |  Posted on Feb 20th, 2013

    Koko i love you sooooo much!!! i can not explain how much i love ou realy PLEAS CHECK OUT MY TUMBLR! lobekardashians.tumblr.com

  8. DashAlways |  Posted on Feb 20th, 2013

    Hey Khloe!
    I hope one day you notice my tumblr, http://dashalways.tumblr.com/ <3

  9. luvkardashjennx |  Posted on Feb 20th, 2013

    KoKo! please check out my blog :)
    luvkardashjennx . tumblr . com

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    LoveKhloekdoll |  Posted on Feb 24th, 2013

    Please check my tumblr out Koko http://www.khloekforever.tumblr.com love you

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