Too Much Fun!!

Khloe Kardashian - Too Much Fun

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Feb 11th

    Nothing like a fun night on the town with good friends and family!! Precious Moments!!

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    SJ |  Posted on Feb 12th

    Glad you guys had a good time. Just ignore the media, you are good friends, who cares what they are all sayin! None of anyone’s business! Woop Woop! Glad you could go out with everyone and dance and get your funk on! I saw your keek that was totally awesome too. Sweet. I actually don’t know who the Game is, but I will have to look him up he seems like a really cool dude. Of course he is, he is friends with you!!! Awesome to see you smiling and dancing and having a blast. I have never seen you dance before, you are really good! Yu go on girl! Ha ha! OK take care, have a great night.

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    dsoto17 |  Posted on Feb 14th

    It may just be me. But I think Kloe is the finest. She carries herself in a respectful manor and handles business all while being sexy as hell and being the accent to all her outfits and any environment she occupies…may just be me but ..I LIKE

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