Throwback Thursday: NYE Traditions

Khloe Kardashian Shares Old Photo From New Year's Eve With Robert Kardashian Sr. and Bruce Jenner
For today’s throwback Thursday, I chose a pic of me with my dad, Bruce and my godmother Bernadette. It was taken at Bernadette’s annual New Year’s Eve party that we used to attend every year when we were growing up. Oh how I love traditions :)

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  1. Gladys Gutierrez |  Posted on Jan 24th, 2013


  2. DashAlways |  Posted on Jan 24th, 2013

    Hey Khloe!
    I just wanted to say you go Koko! Your twitter rant was amazing, and all of your dolls are here to support you and completely understand that everything she says is bs! You all look stunning in this picture, and traditions are definitely the best, love being able to look back on them! Love you so much and I can’t wait to see what you’ve been designing!<3

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Jan 24th, 2013

    Love this throwback picture. There is nothing better than looking back on great memorable family moments. I know your dad would be so proud of you and all you have accomplished.

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    Lynette |  Posted on Jan 24th, 2013

    I support Gladys. It is quite obvious that you are Robert Kardashian’s blood daughter. You are the spitting image of your father and that nose sealed it for me. By the way I enjoyed the episode of Cousins on Call. Continue to love your man and show him your undying devotion. Luv you guys. I hope for your Caribbean trip you will consider coming to Antigua. Would love to welcome you to our 108 square miles of sea, sand and beautiful people.

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    commonprosperitypp |  Posted on Jan 24th, 2013

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    alishakardashiankrazy |  Posted on Jan 25th, 2013

    hey KoKo you look real different with your hair blondebut sooooooo pretty looking. You look just like Robert Kardashian you’re blood dad xoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Alisha (Northern Ireland)

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    KhloesmyroleModel |  Posted on Jan 25th, 2013

    Khloe you are amazing person and your dad would be proud of who you have become as a wife, a daugther, a sister, a friend, and the best rolemodel a woman could ask for thanks for being you…

  8. babygrlpierce |  Posted on Jan 26th, 2013

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