Throwback Thursday: More Matching!

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian Wear Matching Red and Black Outfits In Vintage Family Portrait
Another great example of crazy Kris‘ affinity for matching! LOL. I mean, was she serious with these outfits?! The giant bows, the puffy shoulders, the big hair — this pic is just too much! I think she was trying to dress us as flamenco dancers… or ladybugs. Who knows…

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  1. avatar |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2012

    hi khlo!!!!. I have a blog of you,well of your family because I am your fan n 1!!!!(i think).
    so here is my blog:
    i wish i coud meet you.

  2. avatar
    Romance89 |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2012

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  3. avatar
    jaimeallen |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2012

    i think its cute!! you all look adorable <3

  4. Avishag Pardo |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2012

    so funny!! those 90′s…

    @romance89 is a creeper eww

  5. Debbie Ashton |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2012

    I think that your mom and dad were thinking just how cute and loving this pic is! Kourtney, you should understand this (maybe not yet as your kids are very young), how do you feel about the pics that are taken of Mason and Penelope………I am positive that you and your hubby feel the same as your mom and your dad (Bruce Jenner) does as they see these pics……Love to you all…..

  6. Stephanie Kennedy Payne |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2012

    2 things Khloe…1) Not that your sisters are ugly by any means but you are, in my opinion the most beautiful of the 3 of you. And such a cute kid! 2)I know the daddy DNA drama is hopefully behind you but there is no doubt that you are a Kardashian. Although Kim and Kourtney look a lot a like and you differ from them, you and Rob look nearly identical in this picture! So cute. :)

  7. Bianca Rabelo |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2012

    So Cute…Beautiful Brothers and Sisters!!!!♥♥♥♥

  8. avatar
    princejarvis |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2012

    Khloe, you guys are so cute. Makes me want to have children and have them matching just like you guys. LOL. Love looking back at precious family pictures, it brings back s any memories .xoxo

  9. avatar
    Dominika |  Posted on Aug 17th, 2012

    Hi Khloe,
    I watch You and your sisters and I was wondering about the thing with your dad, I thought about time (long time ago) when you were not sure if you are your father`s dauther but now I can see it clearly, watching your in this picture. Kim and Kourt are similar to each other, but you are very similar to Rob. I am happy with you having this matter over you, because as I see this picture I have no doubts that you were and are Kardashian. By the way – congrats to aunt Khlo…. xoxo:-)

  10. Suzanne Stewart |  Posted on Aug 17th, 2012

    Hey Khloe’!! You are beautiful and I’m a mom from the same era as your mom! ha ha…my poor girls got dressed matching too! Big Bangs/hair and puffy sleeves…yep…I remember!! LOL….we couldn’t help it… not done to embarrass you I promise!! But anyways….I just think you are so kind and thoughtful of others and a great person! I know I don’t “know” you…but I feel like I do…LOL…you’re a true “DOLL”!! if you ever get bored (which I’m sure you don’t…you can see my website but promise you’ll say “hi” if you sign in ok?? its at if you go there please see my short video on the home page, OK? It’s regarding a painful nerve disease called “RSD/CRPSII” that I have…thank you Khloe’…..

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