This is TOO Funny!!!!

Hi everyone. I saw this video and I had to share!!! It’s a skit Pauly Shore did for and it’s seriously SO funny! Pauly is a great friend of mine — I absolutely love him!!

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    Nicole |  Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

    ahah thats hilarious

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    Kelsieee |  Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

    hahah one of the Kardashians sit on it xD

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    fridashane<3 |  Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

    huh?!! id get it!?!


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    Tawnya |  Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

    hahaha. he always makes me laugh when i think of his movie SON IN LAW.

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    petahbooi |  Posted on Jun 8th, 2010


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    Suzi |  Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

    hahaha that was pretty great

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    bella rivera |  Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

    wow i ave big love for kloe bur ur sis kim is so concided i dislike her

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    Ducan & Hines |  Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

    Khloe girl! This shit was hilarious! i was straight cracking for about 10 minutes. Hines my partner said i’m lying but lets be real who wouldnt laugh that right there. anyways i justed you to know that i thought this funny and that i love you and your funny.

    Ducan & Hines

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    Tarah |  Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

    I think Samantha is a lil hateful towards khloe. Seems like jealousy to me. Some people can’t help it. My question is why say anything? Why even read this? Children will be children. She’s probably 16 or 17. Oh well!

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    shera |  Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

    I’m so agree with you tarah.. You’re so funny and sexy khloe.. I love you and your family.. Xoxo

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