The Donald Gave Me the Axe

Hello my loves!  So as I’m sure you’ve all heard, The Donald fired me off of Celebrity Apprentice last night.  It wasn’t because of my work ethic, it wasn’t because I was slacking — it was because of my DUI, one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made that I will forever regret.  I will NEVER say that what I did was right, but I think it is completely unrelated to my place on the show and I don’t think I should have been fired for that reason alone. I have tried to bring awareness to how serious DUI’s are and I am trying to make some right out of my huge mistake. 

Oh well…what’s done is done, and there’s nothing I can do now.  I just wish Mr. Trump would have handled the situation a little differently. I guess I was expecting a lot… LOL. I find it weird that he can forgive and take back Tara Conner but he can’t do the same with me?!  The things people do for ratings!  

I met a lot of cool people on the show, many who were really talented.  In all honesty, I’m rooting for Natalie Gulbis and Joan Rivers to go all the way… I guess we’ll all have to wait and see who makes it.

It was a great experience and I love a new challenge, but I have to say that I was happy when it was over so that I could focus on the growth and success of my clothing store and shooting Keeping Up with the people I love most in the world! Filming Celebrity Apprentice gave me a whole new outlook on Keeping Up. I adore working with my family and this just made it all that much clearer to me. 

Listen to this radio interview I did this morning with Ryan Seacrest to hear more about my feelings on last night’s episode.

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    shawntalay |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2009

    Khloe I think that sucks and I dnt think you should have been fired at all people make mistakes I think you learned from yours and I also think that donald trump a jerk….I am like a major fan of yours I love ur show and you and your sisters are beautiful I can’t believe how some of these people talk to u on here its truly ridiculous I can’t stand to look at things they say but I want u to know ur great!!

    X_______Signed Lay Lay uR #1 Fan

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    People are retards.  |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2009

    Hey Khloe,
    I hope you don’t pay attention to any of these posts. People that have so much hate towards you are clearly jealous. They don’t even know you.

    I’m not one to really post comments like this, but I couldn’t believe some of the harsh comments.

    Good luck with the show – you girls are doing a great job & I can’t wait to see other episodes.

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    Anna |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2009

    Hey Khloe,
    This is my first time commenting on your blog… im going to visit kim and kourtneys next! yay! anyways first i just want to say that you are an inspiration to me… you kim and kourtney are! i am an avid veiwer of both “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s” and “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami” I did watch celebrity apprentice but most most reality shows i only watch if someone i favor is on there but since your gone i dont watch it anymore! lmao. but i agree with the whole you and tara conner concept that you pointed out… you are trying to make a right out of a huge mistake… tara has dissapeared since her incident ut you have the confidence to come out and admit that what you did was wrong… and i give you credit for that! lol. but to wrap this up… donald was very unfair to you and obviously was to wrapped up in his own success to realize that he was “firing” a very influential “apprentice”
    xoxo, Anna Marie*<3

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    Steph |  Posted on Aug 28th, 2009

    Hey Khloe,
    it just deleted the whole entry i wrote :(
    Well, i cnt really be bothered typing it all, but i will do the best i cn :D

    I want to thank u for being who u r and not changing because ppl say shit to u. I think its rude that ppl have come on to ur site just to send u hate comments, its just stupid!
    I watch ur show, Keeping up, at lyk 8.45am coz its gets me out of bed lol, i live in NZ so we r kinda far behind u! BUt i seen the one where u got a DUI, and i wanted to say, even though i dnt drink and cnt drive, i no hw u feel, u were missing ur beloved dad, and i haven’t lost my dad but i have my aunty and my nana and some others, but i loved them with all my heart and its hard. So i dnt blame u for wat u did, so dnt listen to all these rude ppl who say shit to u because they rnt worth ur time :D
    I haven’t seen the season of CA u were on, i dnt watch it anyway but just saying that it hasn’t been out over here, but it sounds lyk he was being a bigger ass then he normally is!
    Kia Kaha – be strong, khole i will still luv u no matter wat u do :D
    Just stay u no matter wat
    take care

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    elcompafreddy |  Posted on Sep 20th, 2009


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