Team Up to Stop Bullying!

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner Team Up With Sears Against Bullying
Hi dolls. I just wanted to fill you in on a very important cause my sisters, my mom and I are taking part in. We’ve joined forces with Sears for the Team Up to Stop Bullying campaign to provide support for the millions of kids nationwide who face bullying every single day. I was one of them as a child so I understand firsthand the trauma it can cause, which is why as an adult it is so important to me to provide the resources and solutions victims of bullying need to cope with these issues. Sears’ anti-bullying campaign offers support for students, families, victims and schools who are coping with bullying issues, and I am very proud to be a part of this.

Check out our PSA below and then head over to for advice, empowering stories, helpline info or to donate, and don’t forget to take the Power Pledge to show your support!

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  1. Angiiee Cadettee |  Posted on Aug 2nd, 2012

    Hi Khloe,
    Personally I wanted to say that I respect you a great amount for what you are doing and taking a serious act on bullying. I’m 16 and even I have been bullied. From physical or verbal abuse. I have so many scars from self harming which up to this day I regret doing that. Sometimes i get frustrated from being so insecure and from loosing all my confidence. You are truly an inspiration to me and everything that you say I do listen to it, you are truly my role model. Love you lots koko xo

  2. Juan Malo |  Posted on Aug 2nd, 2012

    Again, I just want to say that what you ladies are doing is GREAT. I work with children in an elementary school and having seen how cruel kids can be to each other, I think this a cause well worth the effort. Thank you for helping educate.


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    gommemorceux |  Posted on Aug 2nd, 2012

    I have been following your blog here and there and I have ALWAYS been a silent reader. But today I must respond and signed up.

    I am happy that you are promoting to prevent bullying. Although I am 25 years old. I am still haunted with my childhood-highschool experiences. I lived in a east side Asian neighborhood -everyone was very scrawny and short. I happened to be unlucky and was the tallest and chubbiest. I was teased everyday; especially from the boys. Although in highschool, the teasing calmed down except a few of my childhood classmates still made fun of me but in a ruthless matter.

    As of now, I still fear seeing the extreme bullies -recently, I have seen the meanest boy from childhood (from a block or two) and it was bloody hell (even after all these years)… the emotions and traumatizing memories crept back and I literally turned and ran away. But Long story short, because of these experiences, I don’t have any self-esteem, hate taking pictures and I have trouble looking at myself in the mirror. When I went to college, I gained weight and became an emotional eater. But last year, I had to do something positive for myself and after watching you and your family (you are my favorite by the way as you are very REAL) I changed my lifestyle. I lost weight and I am very active. However, I still have self-esteem, still hate taking pictures and unable to look in the mirror but these issues I know I need to conquer.

  4. khloekfanxo |  Posted on Aug 3rd, 2012

    Your such a inspiration Khloe.

  5. Tress |  Posted on Aug 3rd, 2012

    What an amazing thing you are doing!

    • Matthew Jahnke |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2012


      You are absolutely right for saying this is a great thing she’s doing! I hate that as much as you do. I’m sure we’ve all been bullied at school, but now it’s gotten worse. They went from putteing kids in lockers to killing them!
      It needs to end now!

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    alkyradoll |  Posted on Aug 3rd, 2012

    Khloe, even though you probably wont even see this I thought i might just let you know that watching all of your bulling videos and the “it will get better” video has really helped me. I am going through a tough time at the moment and I just wanted to tell you that you have just helped me. Thankyou so much for being my inspiration and i am so glad that you are trying to help those. You are beautiful and have a lovely support group who would back you up at any time xx I just thought I would let you know that you have really helped me. xoxo Thankyou khloe.

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Aug 4th, 2012

    You guys are such an inspiration. Love you all! Xo

  8. bethiskardashkrazy |  Posted on Aug 5th, 2012

    This is such a wonderful thing to help with. Its so discusting it would even cross somebodys mind to bully. You girls are so inspirational. Thank you for helping! Lets stand up! Xo

  9. Leeann Simpsons |  Posted on Aug 5th, 2012

    ur such an inspiration khlo ur doubt :”’D

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    yllencast |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2012

    Not only are you inspiring but your a motivation to all those facing bullying.

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