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I have some really exciting news that I had to keep in until all the legal and technical things were worked out! But now that everything is squared away I can tell you guys that Kourtney and I will be moving to MIA for the summer!!!!! This is so exciting for us!!!! We are opening a new DASH store there and E! has given us a spin-off show based around our move and our new DASH endeavor — basically to follow us around in a new amazing city!

We are also both newly single and very excited about taking on so many new adventures together! This is going to be a crazy summer and a major growing point for us both! I’m really nervous! But so excited and so blessed to be doing this with my sister! It’s definitely going to be difficult to move away from my family and friends — you all know that I live and die for those people and can’t imagine living across the country from them!  But you also know that my whole crew loves a good Miami getaway so I’m sure they’ll be paying Kourt and I quite a few visits LOL.

I will have more and more details to follow!  XOXO love you all!!!!