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Check Out My Stylist’s Blog!

Kim’s and my stylist, Monica Rose, has an AMAZING fashion blog that I wanted to introduce you dolls to.  It is so dope!  I love it.

She often features me and Kim on the site so I included some of her images of us in the gallery. Click through to see them, along with some of her personal photos from my birthday party in Vegas!!!!!  That’s me and Monica in the photo above.

Her blog is seriously so fab — you should definitely all check it out!  Go to for all the latest styles and trends.  xoxo

Turning 25 in Vegas Bitches!!!!

This past Friday the whole Kardashian krew hit Vegas for my 25th birthday party!!! Kourt, Kim, Reggie, Malika, Khadijah, Bobby, Rob, my mom, Jonathan, Simon, Monica, Clyde, Chanti, LaLa and Brittny came out for my special night…to name a few, LOL.

We literally had the best time ever!!! Kim who never drinks had two shots of Patron to celebrate and she was SO funny!!! I loved it! (more…)

Khloe and the Fam through the years

Hi guys.  So I was looking at Kim’s site today and found this pic she posted a little while ago.  Are you dying?!?!?  Hahahaha I was crying because Kim put those clip-on earrings on me and I was in so much pain! Kourt took the picture and Kim was just smiling away. LOL.  

I love posting pics from when we were little, so I decided to go through my site and find all the photos I’ve posted and put them into a little album.  Enjoy!  

Love you all!!!!!!

All Smiles!!! :)

I wanted to share this picture with you guys. This is one of my favorite pictures of my brother and my dad!  How cute is little rob?!?  Awww he’s just so smiley!!!  I love how happy they look, and I think they look so much alike here.  Pictures like this make me so happy! I miss you daddy!

I actually had this picture scanned onto t-shirts for me and my sisters — I sleep in it all the time!

My Family’s 2008 Christmas Card!

Here is my family’s Christmas card from this year!  I love this one — it’s definitely a far cry from our Harley Davidson card! LOL.

Let me know what you guys think of it!

Pics from Christmas Eve Parties Past

Every year my family throws an amazing Christmas Eve party with all of our friends — Santa comes and everything! It is so much fun and we all look forward to it every year. 

I wanted to create a photo gallery with photos from a few of the parties — most of the ones I included are from our 2005 party.  We got all 10 kids to be there which is pretty rare since we have such a big family!  I love when we all get to be together.

The photo of Kourtney and Kim with my dad in front of the Christmas tree was from one of our parties so long ago!  My mom and dad and Bruce always got along so my dad came every year.

The picture of Rob, my mom, Kendall, and I all dressed in Burberry was from another one of our famous parties — we all used to dress the same.  How lame, I know, but it was fun!

I hope you guys enjoy my Christmas Eve party photo album.

I have loved hearing about all of your Christmas traditions, so keep the comments coming!

Me and the Fam at Joe Francis’ Holiday Party

Our friend Joe Francis had a little holiday party at his house this past weekend!  He recently had his house redone, so this was the perfect opportunity for him to show it off LOL.  The whole family came, including the twins and Jesse and JJ.  Frankie was there as well.  We all had a really fun time — I love having these little family outings!

Khloe Comments: Your Opinions


I need to vent:

I read EVERY comment that is posted on my site. I like to keep the bad and the good ones because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am a very secure person so I have no problem with people speaking how they feel. And I appreciate you all coming to my site! But, to those of you “fans” who come to Kim’s and my sites to only tell us how our father wouldn’t be proud of us — look in the mirror! How can you dare talk about my father! I love how easy it is to open your mouth about a man who is the world to us! I am very protective over people speaking about my father, especially in a negative way.  At least be mature enough to speak about someone who isn’t deceased and  can defend themselves.  I know in my heart that he is more than proud of us! Who are you to decide whether he is or isn’t? Have you guys ever met him?

I hope by leaving these comments it makes you feel better about yourselves. I would hope that it does something for your life for you
to make someone feel so frustrated.  I normally wouldn’t find the need to even say this, but now it’s getting old and out of hand! I love how easy it is for people to judge others. How about this… don’t judge at all!

I love everyone posting their opinion and I am more than happy the hear them all, but when it all comes to my dad being proud of us… Shut The F*CK Up you haters! Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon!

To all my real fans… I love you guys!!!! God bless you all, especially the haters!!!!

Khloe Comments: To My Daddy


Daddy, we all miss you so much! We all wish you were here to see us grow up and watch how far we have come. We are only going to make you prouder and prouder! We know you are here in spirit and we miss you every single day! I never stop thinking about you!

Thank you for instilling in us such a bond between me and my siblings! Without them I don’t know what I would do! You are my angel! I love you forever and forever! Thank you for blessing me!

Rest in Peace, Daddy.
Robert G Kardashian
February 22, 1944 – September 30, 2003