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Congratulations to the Winner of my Giveaway!!! WOOOHOOOOO

Okay dolls so I’ve FINALLYYY chosen a winner for the giveaway I had on my site a few weeks ago.  It was soooooo hard to choose — I couldn’t believe how well you all know me!  I’m so flattered.  Well since almost all of you got the answers right, I had to base my pick on whoever threw a little something into their answer that stood out to me.  But don’t worry, there’s another giveaway coming up this week so keep an eye out!

Anyway…CONGRATS TO BROOKE FROM CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yayyyyyyyy Brooke!!!  I hope you enjoy ALL of the fabulous goodies I picked out for the gift bag…they truly are some of my personal favorites.

And remember dolls, another giveaway will be up on my site in a few days…and plenty more to come after!!!  xoxo


I saw how many of you guys participated in the last giveaway I hosted on my site, so I wanted to do another one.  Here are a ton of goodies from Dash, as well as a few products I received as gifts that I wanted to share with you.  Browse through the gallery to see what you can win!

You can win all of these fabulous treats if you answer all four of these questions about me correctly!

1. How many tattoos do I have and what are they of?

2. What’s my favorite color?

3. How many Dash stores do we have?

4. Where are Kourt and I moving to for the summer?

You guys have until Monday, May 11 to enter to win!  Good luck dolls!!!!!!

Khloe in the Press:

I did a quick interview for the website for this month, and it has a lot of little tidbits about my favorite beauty products and some of my beauty advice.

Khloe Knows Best: Skin Care

One thing I think we can all relate to is breakouts! Ah, it is the most horrible thing that happens but it happens to the best of us!

Personally, I never had acne as a teenager. But once I hit my twenties, it was breakout central! I was told that it could have been due to stress, or just my body was changing. My dermatologist advised me that it happens to most women and as unfortunate as it is, it is a prime stage of your life so acne is the last thing we want to worry about!

I have a few tricks of my own to fight acne–the first of which I’ll talk about today–so hopefully you will be able to use them too.

The most important way to fight acne for me is make sure to wash my face every single night! No matter how tired I am I must wash my face before I go to bed. Especially if I am wearing makeup, it is vital to get it off my skin.

I use Cetaphil face wash as my primary wash since it is so light and makes your face feel the cleanest possible. I have extremely sensitive skin and Cetaphil has the right dosage for me without making it too dry or too oily and actually helps my complexion.

Some washes can also irritate and make your skin backfire, but many of my own friends with different skin types love Cetaphil as well.

Then I use Ponds moisturizer. It totally makes my skin smooth and happens to be a great primer for makeup as well! I have used so many different moisturizers, and this one has just been the perfect one!

Check back later for more skin care tips!