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Summer Nostalgia: “Just A Girl” by No Doubt

HEYYY LADIES!! Here’s one of my favorite girls’ anthems of all them. I love how fiercee Gwen was!! She was working it back then and still does today!! LOVEE No Doubt! Makes you want to whip your hair around and rock out!! Rock on babydolls XOXO

Summer Nostalgia: “All For You” by Janet Jackson

Hey dolls!!! Back for another dose of Summer Nostalgia. This one has been a summer jam for a long time so I’m definitely excited to bring it back: Janet Jackson “All For You.’ The video is filled with vibrancy and Janet looked HOTTT. If I spend even a little bit of time dancing to this song this weekend, it’ll be a successful Saturday and Sunday!! Keep sending me your suggestions or tweet them to me @KhloeKardashian. It’s all for you, loves! XOXO

Summer Nostalgia: “I Wanna Go” by Britney Spears

Hi dolls!! AHHHH I heard this song recently while I was out shopping at the grocery store and was reminded just how much I love it. Britney always has the party hits and this one in particular is so catchy and just makes you want to dance. I thought it would be fun to start sharing with you my favorite summer songs of the past… maybe some early nineties Mariah Carey or old school Snoop on the way??? I have way too many faves to remember. Please share with me some suggestions too!! XOXO

Family Rocks!

Khloe Kardashian - Brandon and Leah Cronies Album
I am so proud of Brandon and Leah!!!!! Their new album Cronies is now out on iTunes! I love you guys!!! So excited for you love birds!!!!

Loving Cody Simpson’s New EP!

Cody Simpson Music Video
Hi dolls! Cody Simpson released his brand new EP, Preview to Paradise, today and I love it! He is so talented and devoted to his music — he is a true artist.

Head over to the iTunes store to download and watch his music video for his song Got Me Good off the new EP. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! xoxoxo (more…)

Talent is Everywhere!

Hi dolls! I just saw this video and was blown away by this man’s unbelievable rendition of Adele’s Someone Like You. How beautiful is his voice?? And I love what he says after — everybody can relate to this song, because it’s all about love :)

Introducing the Amazing Music of Brandon & Leah!

Brandon Jenner and Leah Felder Music Video
Hi my loves. I want to introduce you to my stepbrother Brandon Jenner and his fiance Leah Felder. They are both AMAZING music artists and they just completed their first music video together for their single “Life Happens” — you can watch it below. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Head over to and you can download this song for free once you LIKE the page. Let me know what you guys think! So proud of them! (more…)

How Amazing is this Kid?!

Khloe Kardashian Shares Video of Brendan MacFarlane Singing
A friend of mine recently shared this video with me of this young boy singing the blues. His name is Brendan MacFarlane and he is absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!! I was truly blown away when I watched this! It’s unbelievable that such a powerful voice can come out of such a small person. This kid has a big future in store for him! Isn’t he amazing?? (more…)

Love Lady Gaga’s New Song!!!

I heard Lady Gaga’s new song You and I over the weekend and I absolutely love it!!!!!! She’s SO fab!  The song hasn’t been released yet, she debuted it at Elton John’s AIDS fundraiser ball last week so for now I can only listen to it in this YouTube video — can’t wait for her next album to come out. She’s such an incredible talent!
What’s your favorite Gaga song??

Talking Fashion and Music in Vegas

Just wanted to share this video of me being interviewed on the red carpet before Kourtney’s birthday party at Wet Republic. Watch and find out who my fashion inspirations are and what music I’m listening to now :)