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Kylie’s Modeling Debut!! WOOHOOOO!


I just posted Kylie’s Crush Your Style ad the other day, now here is her modeling debut!!!! How fab does she look?? My little baby sisters are all grown up! This has been such an amazing few weeks for both Kendall and Kylie and I’m beyond proud of both of them! They are such good girls! They are such hard workers and so professional! I couldn’t be happier with them :) I’m a proud mama!

So Proud of Kendall!!!!

Hi dolls! I was on Facebook today and I ended up on Kendall’s page and saw all of her GORGEOUS modeling photos so I obviously had to steal them for my blog LOL. Hope you don’t mind Kenny! It’s unbelievable how little time she’s been doing this and how much she’s already a pro. I mean, the girl clearly knows what she’s doing! A lot of the pics are from her Forever 21 photo shoot and she just looks so fab. I’m so so SO proud of her! My baby sister is all grown up!

Yesterday she did a major shoot for her portfolio so I’ll be posting some behind-the-scenes photos from that shortly :)