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Kim, Kourt & Mason Hit Fashion Week!

I just saw these pics online of Kim, Kourt and Mason out and about in NYC and I had to post. I pretty much died over Mason’s outfit when I saw it — how freaking cute is he?!?!? OMG I just want to squeeze him!!! My sisters look pretty fab as well I must say. Looooove Kimmie’s pants. And Kourt’s shoes are just to die! Looks like all three are Fashion Week ready!

I Miss My Mason!!!!!

Time for the third installment of the I Miss My Family posts I started last week. Today, I’m reeeeeally missing my adorable little Mason!!!!!!!! Mason is undoubtedly the cutest, most delicious baby on the planet and I would give anything to smooch those chubby cheeks of his right now. He seriously looks bigger every time I see him, I can’t imagine how much he’s grown in the month since I’ve seen him.

Here are some of my favorite pics of my precious Mason (I stole a few from Kourt’s and Kim’s blogs)! OMG I miss him so much it’s killing me LOL.

Don’t Miss KK Miami Tonight Dolls!

It’s Sunday dolls, and you know what that means… a brand new episode of Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami!!!! This episode definitely has its fair share of drama with Kourt having some issues with Scott and his club habits, but my personal favorite part is Kim’s babysitting adventures with Mason. Those two had such a girly day together — they took a trip to the nail salon, went on a shopping spree and capped the day off with a cuddle sesh! SO CUTE! Watch the clip above for a sneak peek.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 10pm on E! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!

Mason is SUCH a Happy Baby!!!

Mason is learning so fast — I feel like he’s my little genius baby, I’m probably a little biased though LOL. He’s in the process of mastering the art of crawling (he’s almost there) and now he’s working on sitting up by himself. You can just see the look of determination on his face!

We love to make him practice his strength, I guess that will happen when you have a surplus of aunts, uncles and grandparents. Kourt is the best mommy ever, she makes me so proud! Just look how happy Mason is!!! He is always smiling — must be the wonderful mom he’s got :)

Lakers’ #1 Fan!


Last night Kourt, Kim, Mason and I all watched the game together and Mason was rocking his Lakers PJs. He looked so freaking adorable, I was literally melting! LOL. And I love his face in this picture — it’s a mix of both anger and confusion. I think he looks so much like Rob…maybe we should put Rob in matching Lakers PJs for tomorrow’s game and they can be twins haha!!! 

The Lakers did lose but it was an amazing game! The Lakers are home now and will play again tomorrow.  Let’s win it Lakers!!!! Game 5 is ours!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO.
For more Mason pics, check out this adorable gallery I posted last week!