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No Other Love…

  • Khloe- Khloe with Loren Ridinger Dark Lip
  • Khloe- Khloe with Fat Joe and J Lo
  • Khloe- Khloe with French Montana, Loren Ridinger, and JR Ridinger Dark Lip
  • Khloe- Khloe with French Montana, Duane Mclaughlin, and Amber Ridinger Dark Lip 4

Khloe- No Other Love...Khloe- Khloe with French Montana, Duane Mclaughlin, and Amber Ridinger Dark Lip 4Khloe- Khloe with French Montana, Loren Ridinger, and JR Ridinger Dark LipKhloe- No Other Love...Khloe- Khloe with Fat Joe and J LoKhloe- Khloe with Loren Ridinger Dark Lip

I Love This Lady

Khloe Kardashian Loren Ridinger
I love this lady @lorenridinger

Happy Birthday Loren!

Khloe Kardashian and Loren Ridinger
Happy birthday to my soul sister Loren Ridinger! You truly are my heart! I love you more then I can say.

Rocking My Loren Jewels

Khloe Kardashian Wears Loren Jewels
Head over to to peruse all the fabulous collections!

Pics From Loren & JR’s Market America Convention

Hi my loves. I recently attended the fabulous Loren & JR Ridinger’s Market America International Convention and I just wanted to share a few pics. Loren is one of my besties and I jump at any chance to spend time with her. She and her husband JR are truly inspiring and I was so moved by their convention. I loved every minute of it!

Click here to learn more about the convention. xoxoxo

Happy Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July dolls!!! I was just reflecting on the festivities last year in NYC on Loren and JR’s fabulous yacht. Such an incredible time! This year we’re having a BBQ at my mom’s so I’ll be sure to post pics later this week!! Loren and JR, I’ll miss you guys madly! Next year we will be together again!

Have a happy and safe holiday! xoxoxo

Thank You Loren For These Fabulous Earrings!

Khloe Kardashian wears Loren Jewels earrings.
My friend Loren Ridinger sent me these AMAZNG earrings!!!! They were a good luck gift for the launch of Unbreakable. I wore them to the launch and they brought us luck! Lamar and I miss her and JR (her hubby) soooo much! We cannnot wait until we have time this summer to hang out with them! We’re so lucky to have such wonderful friends. They have just been so good to us!

See more from Loren Jewels at and check out Loren’s fabulous personal website,

Welcome to Loren’s World!!


My beautiful friend and member of my extended family, Loren Ridinger, has just launched her own blog called Loren’s World! IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! LOL. Loren has so much to offer — whether it’s from a business, fashion or charitable standpoint, so it’s only natural that she have an outlet to share her thoughts and opinions.

She’s truly one of the kindest, most generous and intelligent women I’ve ever known so I can say with confidence that I will be surfing her site on daily basis!

Head over to and get to know the lovely Loren!

Fourth of July with the Fam in NYC!

We did it again! LOL on the 4th of July Loren and JR had another fabulous party on their boat! We had the best fireworks seats in town — right smack in the middle of it all. We all said this was the best 4th of our lives. I have never celebrated the 4th in NYC before, usually we doing something beachy. I had an amazing time!

We want to make this our new family tradition. This whole trip left me speechless.
Here’s the first batch of pics from our wonderful evening! More to come later today. xoxoxo
P.S. Kimmie posted her 4th of July pics yesterday on her blog so be sure to check them out too :)

Most Amazing Birthday of my Life!!!

My entire family went to NY to celebrate the 4th of July together. But since I was in Mexico for my birthday Loren and JR (our dearest family friends) offered to throw me an amazing birthday party on their yacht! OMG!!! And if that wasn’t enough, Loren also gave me the most BEAUTIFUL earrings as a gift…I die for her!

It had to have been the best birthday of my life!!! What could be better?! My family is with me, my friends, my husband! Ugh it was just amazing! I am sooo blessed. Thank you JR and Loren!!!!