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Happy Birthday to my little LoLo

Khloe Kardashian Wishes Lauren London A Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to my little LoLo @mslaurenlondon I love you lady!

Celebrating Kourt’s Birthday in Vegas!!!

On Saturday we celebrated Kourt’s birthday in Vegas at Wet Republic and it was a craaaazy day!!! Before we flew to Vegas we went to Newport Beach to promote our Virgins, Saints & Angels collection, then immediately hopped on a plane. Kourt forced herself to part with baby Mason (that’s not always easy, she doesn’t go anywhere without him LOL) for the afternoon so we could have a girls’ day — it was me, Kourt, Kimmie, Malika, Lauren and Brittny…soooo much fun!

I wore a long ALC dress to the event — something comfy for traveling and light for the heat :)

Sooooo many people came out to celebrate Kourtney’s bday, it was amazing and we had the best time!!!

It’s so funny how different Kourtney’s birthday celebration was last year, all of our lives were sooooo different LOL. Click HERE to see last year’s bday pics :) That was the infamous Cabo trip where we drew all over my mom’s face hahaha.

Diddy’s White Party!!! WOOOHOOOO

This year Lauren, Malika and I celebrated the 4th of July by going to Diddy’s white party together!!! We had the best time!

I loved seeing everyone in all white…definitely a good look for the summertime!  But seriously it was such a challenge to find all white, which is weird because I see cute, all-white dresses everywhere this time of year. But when I actually needed one it took me forever to find.

Malika and I ended up getting our dresses from Zara the morning of the party LOL.  Cassie was there too and she looked SO stylish in her Alexander Wang dress. I can’t remember where Lauren’s dress was from but we all just looked so fab if I do say so myself.

We had so much fun! Diddy always lives up to his party throwing status! It was undoubtedly one of LA’s best parties of the summer!!!!!

Sunday Movie: This Christmas

So I haven’t seen this movie yet, but it just came out on DVD a few days ago and I’m definitely watching it the second I get a chance!

It’s about a family that reunites for Christmas for the first time in four years, and all the chaos and drama that comes along with it!  I could only imagine the drama if this were my family!  LOL.  I’m so excited because a few of my friends are actually in it!!!

Lauren London, Chris Brown, Regina King, and Columbus Short are some of the lead actors in the movie, so all you guys should definitely check it out!

I absolutely love a good Christmas flick…any suggestions for me???

Night Out at Casa Vega

So this past weekend, Malika, Lauren, and I, along with a few other friends, went to dinner at one of our favorite spots in the valley — Casa Vega.  It seriously is one of the best Mexican restaurants in LA!!!  We had a ball!  Margaritas, chips and dip — what more could I want??? 

I really try to make it a point to have a friend dinner once a week so that my friends and I can catch up.  Our lives are all so crazy right now, but it’s so important to find the time to just relax and have fun with some of your favorite people every once in a while!!!  Here’s a video I took while we were waiting for our food!  I just got a new camera so I’ll be able to share videos with you more often.

Check out the gallery below to see pics from the dinner.