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Khloe Comments: My New Tattoo!

Hey dolls!

So this might not be such a big deal to some of you but last night I went to Tattoo Mania on Sunset and got tatted! The artist’s name was Dirk and he was awesome!

I have been wanting to get another tattoo for a minute now and I have been thinking long and hard about what I wanted. I was going through some of my old things the other day and I found a letter my daddy wrote me. On the card in his hand writing were the words “I love you!”. I knew that is what I wanted on my wrist. So I had his writing photo copied and I got my wrist inked. I don’t know if you can see it but a few months ago I got my initials tatted in white ink. I did that with the intentions that no one would really see it. So faintly underneath the “I love you” you can see my KK in white.

I am so happy with my tattoo. I smile every time I see it. I love seeing my fathers writing on me. It gives me comfort in a weird way. I hope you guys like it too!!!

Khloe Comments: Young Jeezy!

I don’t know about you guys but I love ALL kinds of music! Music is my life!!! My father used to own music companies, so music is in my blood now…

I am so excited for Young Jeezy’s new album to drop! The Recession is due to drop September 2nd. This will be Jeezy’s 3rd solo album in 3 years. Now that is someone who loves what they do!

If this album is anything like his others then I can only expect great things!

His single “Put On” featuring Kanye West is one of my favorite songs right now. I already pre-ordered my copy of his album on iTunes. I would suggest you all go do the same!

I love supporting people who obviously love what they do and constantly try to improve their craft! I haven’t been disappointed yet!!! Thank you Jeezy for making great music!

Khloe Comments: Rob and Adrienne


Hey guys! I read your comments and I see that there is so much buzz about Rob and Adrienne getting married!

Evidently, the rumor sparked when Rob and Adrienne began wearing their matching Cartier Love bands. The truth is this: Those rings symbolize something else! The ring is meant to be given by someone who loves you. So, to Rob and Adrienne, their rings represent a promise. They are a symbol of their love and that one day, they promise to marry each other… in the future! Sometimes, people vow promises like that for their own reasons, whether it has to do with timing or just the security that your love will be theirs forever!

Trust me, once they get officially engaged, you all will be in the loop! We would never hold back such happy news! I personally love Adrienne to pieces and would love for her to join our enormous family! She fits in so well! Until then, we treat her like our own sister anyways! I love you Rob and Cheetah!!!!! :)

Khloe Comments: I Want To Be Like Diddy

After watching the commercials for the VH1′s I Want To Work For Diddy, I have decided that I am completely obsessed with wanting to be just like Diddy. His power is so sexy!! I would even go for the running of being Diddy’s assistant just for the experience! He has multi-successful businesses that he runs hands on.

Most people attach their name to things and do not even contribute. Diddy has his hands in everything and I love it!!!

Already, I own, manage, and actually work at my boutique, DASH. I take pride in the company/brand we have built and will never stray from what I started from the ground up! We are only getting started too!

Once I saw the half hour teaser on VH1, I came into DASH the next day ready to work like never before! With that mindset, I had completed so much work that would normally take me a few days to compile. Most people have the luxury of being able to spread their work out so that they could pace themselves, ease stress. But Diddy motivates me!! I love that! That WILL be me!

One thing I definitely can be characterized as is hard working and motivated! I feel like those are my greatest traits and also having sheer confidence! You can really do anything in life with those aspects! I fuel off of people who hate too. They make me work harder! Whether you want to be an astronaut, high-end designer, entrepreneur, anything, as long as you are confident and you work for what you want, anything can be yours!

Diddy is my mogul idol at this time in my life! Whose is your idol and why?