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Supporting the Stop of Puppy Mills!

Lamar and I went to NSF & GQ Magazine’s Stop Puppy Mills Humane Society benefit on Tuesday night.  As an animal lover, it was important for me to go after hearing about the disgusting ways in which these puppy mills operate.

Puppy mills are dog breeding facilities where puppies are bred in horrible conditions until they’re sold or auctioned off to pet stores. The puppies are confined to tiny cages, often three or four to a cage. Nobody walks them or plays with them; they’re just kept in those cages suffering until they’re sold. The time that these innocent creatures spend in these facilities can be permanently damaging, both mentally and physically, and a change has to be made.

The Humane Society’s is big on using education as a means to stop the operations of puppy mills in our country. The more people that are aware of the situation, the better chance we have at stopping this practice and the conditions in which these poor, adorable puppies live.

Go to the Humane Society’s website for more information and/or to donate to the cause.

These photos came from Getty Images.