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Enter to Win Some FAB Pieces from our bebe Collection!!!!

Hi dolls. As per your request on Twitter, I’m doing a bebe giveaway right here on my site!!! I’m giving away multiple pieces from our first collection AND our newest collection — all never-before-worn pieces. My closet is already full of items from the collection, I’m seriously obsessed with EVERYTHING! It’s so cool being able to wear something that I designed with my sisters — just makes it that much more special.

Anyway, in order to enter, tell me in a comment who your style icon is and why. Can’t wait to hear who you guys pick!!! The contest ends next Tuesday, May 4, at 5pm PT.

Click through the gallery to see some of the pieces you could potentially win and go to to see the entire collection.  Good luck everyone! Love you all!!!! xoxoxo

Enter to Win Sandra Mardini Jewelry!

Hi dolls.  It’s time for ANOTHER giveaway!!! And this is a big one because I’m giving away numerous pieces, so there will be quite a few winners.  I’m giving away jewelry by Sandra Mardini, and her stuff is so fab! All of her pieces are really delicate and feminine, yet have an edge to them.

In order to enter, tell me in a comment what you’re looking forward to most about Spring or what your favorite Spring memory is.  Can’t wait to read through your answers! You have until Tuesday, March 30, to enter.  

Click through the gallery to see some of Sandra’s beautiful pieces that you could possibly win and check out her website to see more of her collections there! xoxo

Enter My Cool Joolz Giveaway!!!

Hi dolls.  Thank you so much to everyone who entered my Lash giveaway! You all had really great responses and I wish that I could have chosen more than five winners!  Anyway, now that that giveaway is over and done with, it’s time to move on to another one! YAYYYY!!!!

This time I’ll be giving away some fab Cool Joolz bracelets. Cool Joolz is a jewelry company with truly unique pieces that range from simple to eclectic to edgy and I die for them all!!! It was started by Martha Calvo and she is SO talented.

In order to enter, tell me the best gift you’ve ever given and what was the inspiration behind it!  (Here’s a tip…I love creative presents)

Click through the gallery to see some of the bracelets that you could potentially win and check out the Cool Joolz website to browse the collection. Good luck everyone!!!!!

Stoney Clover Lane Giveaway

Hi my babies!!!! It’s time for yet ANOTHER giveaway! WOOOOHOOOOOOOO. Kim, Kourt and I were recently gifted with these fabulous bracelets by Stoney Clover Lane, a jewelry design company started by two sisters, 17-year-old Kendall and 15-year-old Libby. Not only are all of their bracelets beautiful, but they also donate a large portion of the proceeds to the Dream Foundation, which I’m sure as most of you know is my family’s favorite charity.

All of their bracelets are handmade with different charms from all across the country, and all of the charms have a different meaning. I loved the bracelets so much that I asked Kendall and Libby if I could have some to give away on my site and they were more than happy to oblige!
In order to enter, tell me in a comment what your personal charm would be and why. My personal charm would definitely have to be angel wings. Click through the gallery to see some of their amazing bracelets and check out their website for more information.
You have until this Friday at 3pm PT to enter.  Good luck everyone!!!

Congratulations to the Winner of my JENNA LEIGH Lingerie Giveaway!!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered my JENNA LEIGH lingerie giveaway! After reading through all of your comments I finally decided on a winner. Congratulations to Amanda from Ottawa, Ontario.  Loved your comment doll!!!

I wish all of you could have won but unfortunately I only had one piece to give away.  Lucky for you I have plenty more giveaways coming :)

Check out the JENNA LEIGH website
to browse all of her fab collections! Thanks again for entering.  Love you all! xoxo

Enter to Win this FAB Ring!!!


Hi dolls.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a giveaway on my site so I decided that it was definitely time to do another one!!!  Woooooohooooooooo! LOL.

I just got this really cool ring for myself and I also got one to give away here.  It’s made by R?NE, an environmentally friendly jewelry company that draws inspiration for its designs from the beauty of nature.

To enter to win, tell me in a comment your favorite way to enjoy the outdoors.  I thought it would be fun to stick with the eco-friendly theme LOL.

You have until 3:00pm PT on Friday afternoon to enter and I will announce the winner on Monday.  So excited to read all of your comments!!!!!

Enter to Win my Dodger Memorabilia

Hi guys.  Remember when Kourt, Kim, my mom and I threw out the first pitch at the Dodgers game a few weeks ago?  Well I am giving away the ladies Dodger jersey they gave me and the two baseballs that we threw the pitch with!  The jersey was custom made for me with my last name on the back and while it will be hard to part with I’m so excited for one of you to rock the Kardashian name!  LOL.

Here’s how you can win!  In a comment, tell me who you think the hottest pro athlete (male or female) is and name the top three reasons you think they’re sexyyyy!  I’ll be reading through ALL of your comments and picking the answer I like best, so be silly and CREATIVE!!!!!!

You have until Wednesday, June 3rd to enter.  May the best DASH doll win!!!!!!

Congratulations to the Winner of my Giveaway!!! WOOOHOOOOO

Okay dolls so I’ve FINALLYYY chosen a winner for the giveaway I had on my site a few weeks ago.  It was soooooo hard to choose — I couldn’t believe how well you all know me!  I’m so flattered.  Well since almost all of you got the answers right, I had to base my pick on whoever threw a little something into their answer that stood out to me.  But don’t worry, there’s another giveaway coming up this week so keep an eye out!

Anyway…CONGRATS TO BROOKE FROM CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yayyyyyyyy Brooke!!!  I hope you enjoy ALL of the fabulous goodies I picked out for the gift bag…they truly are some of my personal favorites.

And remember dolls, another giveaway will be up on my site in a few days…and plenty more to come after!!!  xoxo


I saw how many of you guys participated in the last giveaway I hosted on my site, so I wanted to do another one.  Here are a ton of goodies from Dash, as well as a few products I received as gifts that I wanted to share with you.  Browse through the gallery to see what you can win!

You can win all of these fabulous treats if you answer all four of these questions about me correctly!

1. How many tattoos do I have and what are they of?

2. What’s my favorite color?

3. How many Dash stores do we have?

4. Where are Kourt and I moving to for the summer?

You guys have until Monday, May 11 to enter to win!  Good luck dolls!!!!!!