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Maude Apatow Channels Me, Kim and Kourt!

I just saw this deleted scene from This Is 40 of Maude Apatow doing impressions of me, Kim and Kourt and they’re all SO spot on that I had to share. She is hilarious! Judging from this video it’s pretty clear that she has a big future in the world of comedy.

YAY California!!!!!

After a nearly two year battle, a California judge today ruled Prop 8 unconstitutional and the ban on same-sex marriage was finally overturned!!!! This is a true victory for love and I’m so happy for everyone!


This is TOO Funny!!!!

Hi everyone. I saw this video and I had to share!!! It’s a skit Pauly Shore did for and it’s seriously SO funny! Pauly is a great friend of mine — I absolutely love him!!