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Pepsi’s Throwback Launch Party

Kim, Rob and I went to Pepsi’s fabulous Throwback Launch party last night! It was at a roller skating rink and it was so much fun! Pepsi is launching its new can and it is a fun old school can so the theme of the party was reminiscent of that. Kim and I completely dressed up for the party!

Kelly Osbourne was there and she bedazzled her skates!!! I was so jealous! I loved them. Jonathan and Kelly are like pro skaters. I on the other hand can’t skate LOL. We had so much fun and so many people came out to skate! Holly Madison, Lauren Conrad, Vanessa Minnillo, Lacey Schwimmer from DWTS and so many more!

What do you think of mine and Kim’s outfits???

Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Style Party

On Wednesday night Kourtney, Rob and I went to Us Weely‘s Hot Hollywood Style party at My House.  Literally EVERYONE was there — Brody, Frankie, Kelly Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton, Fergie and so many others.  DJ AM spun and we had the best time! 

We went to Katsuya for dinner first…just another little family outing.  After having a blast in Mexico, it was definitely great to come home to a fabulous Hot Hollywood party!

Spur of the Moment Trip to Vegas!

Kimberly hosted a party at Wet Republic this past Saturday in Vegas and we all went!!! OMG it was so much fun!!!! The weather was amazing and the music was so good! We had so much fun!!! It was such a spontaneous trip too — and sometimes trips like that are the ones were you have the best time! It was SO unexpected. Only Kim and Britt were going and then that morning we all tagged along for the fun! Ha ha!

The Gang Hits Up My House :)

Reggie, Kim, Kourt, Brody, Rob, Frankie, SP, the twins….basically the WHOLE gang and I went to My House on Friday night after a long week of filming to finally have a little non-working fun LOL!

We had a ball, all of us being together! I love my family!!!

Partying at the Hard Rock

Ok so these are the last of the photos from our crazy weekend in Tampa!  Here you can see us partying at the Hard Rock — we seriously never left that place!

Kourt, frankie and I had mosh pits all night!  We just kept on bumping Kourt because she is so small LOL.  Kourt had a flight to catch and her car was picking her up at 4am so we just kept her up all night.

We also had dance-offs on the dance floor. Yes, I said dance-offs people!  We are cool like that hahahaha!  We can have fun anywhere, I am telling you! 

More Tampa Pics

Tampa was seriously the best time! We partied every single night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino! It was so much fun!

We went to dinner earlier in the night and even though I didn’t have any pics from din din, the car ride was the best part!

Hahaha can you tell which car pics are from before dinner and which ones are from after? LOL.

Direct TV Celebrity Football Game

The Direct TV football game was literally the most fun day of my life!  Kourtney and I were nursing our hangovers from my party the night before with cranberry vodkas, and then proceeded to play flag football — honestly get more fun than that!!! 

We had so many awesome people on our team — it was me, Kourtney, Adrienne, Brody, Frankie, Christian Slater, Maria Menounos (seriously nicest girl in the world!), and Stacy Kiebler, to name a few.  One of the best parts of the event was that Reggie was our coach, so it was obviously a lot of fun messing with him!

My game highlight of the day was definitely when I threw the football the wrong way — I had no idea you could even throw a football the wrong way LOL!  Reggie (the coach haha) was yelling at me the entire time telling me I don’t pay attention enough during his games and I just couldn’t stop laughing!

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Me and the Fam at Joe Francis’ Holiday Party

Our friend Joe Francis had a little holiday party at his house this past weekend!  He recently had his house redone, so this was the perfect opportunity for him to show it off LOL.  The whole family came, including the twins and Jesse and JJ.  Frankie was there as well.  We all had a really fun time — I love having these little family outings!

Lakers Game and Our Whirlwind Trip to San Diego

Kourtney, Malika, Frankie, and I all went to the Laker/Timberwolves game last night!  The game was really fun!  We all are the best cheerleaders ever so today my voice is just about gone. LOL.  We were all having such a good time together that when Frankie had to drive down to San Diego to do an appearance, we all decided to go with him!  We are nuts, I know!  He is from San Diego and loves the Chargers — I guess they won their game so most of the team was out at the club as well.  We all partied the night away and danced up a storm.  Ewww it was so sweaty in there. LOL.  But hey, we burned some calories I guess.  I am so tired today, we got home around 4am and that is way past my bed time :)

Keeping Up With Khloe: Halloween!

Kim, Reg and I went to STK last night for a Halloween bash! Brody and Frankie were there and I barely recognized them because they had masks on. Hahaha It was funny though because I almost punched one of them when they grabbed me. ;) (I’m not aggressive, though!).

I was a little bummed because the costume store gave me the wrong costume and I never opened up my bag until last night. I was always going to be a cop, but it was the wrong cop outfit. Not the best for my body, but I made it work I guess. Kim and Reggie looked so fab! God, I love them. :)

How was your Halloween? Any disasters like mine?