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Kan’t Stop Me, Babyboos!

Seriously I am so obsessed with answering all your questions!!! It’s so fun and I wish I could do it every day! I love you dolls so much so being able to chat with you over video is a dream!!! Watch the video to see if I answered your amazing question, and keep sending me anything else you are dying to know!! I want to keep answering as many as I can so don’t stop because I definitely KAN’T STOP AND WON’T STOP!! Love you!!!! XOXO

Answering Your Fashion Questions!

  • Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian answer fan fashion questions in Glamour Magazine.
  • Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian answer fan fashion questions in Glamour Magazine.
  • Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian answer fan fashion questions in Glamour Magazine.
  • Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian answer fan fashion questions in Glamour Magazine.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian answer fan fashion questions in Glamour Magazine.

Hi dolls! My sisters and I did a super fun feature in Glamour Magazine where we got to answer YOUR fashion questions. It’s one of our favorite topics so we had a blast doing this. Click through the gallery to read the entire feature and feel free to leave more fashion questions in the comments section below! I’ll answer some as soon as I have a chance. xoxoxo

Answering Your Questions…

Khloe Kardashian answers fan questions.

Hi my loves! A little while back I did a post asking you to leave questions for me to answer — it’s one of my favorite things to do but unfortunately these days it’s hard for me to find the time to do it! Well I finally got around to answering some but this time I’ve changed it up a bit. I answered your questions using my laptop video camera to make it more personal and so you knew it was actually me answering.

I’ve broken my answers up into a bunch of separate videos so here’s the first one. ENJOY! xoxoxo (more…)

Ask me ANYTHING!!!!!! :)

Hi dolls. Answering your questions is one of my faaaavorite things, and it’s been way too long since I’ve done it. People are always asking if it’s actually me answering and I promise it is, but I want to prove it to you and show you all how much you mean to me. Leave your questions in the comments section below and I will personally read them and answer them in a video message that I will post right here on my blog. Ask me ANYTHING, and I will answer as many as I can. I love you all so much and I loooooove hearing from you! Can’t wait to read your questions! WOOOHOOOOOOOO. xoxoxo

Khloé Knows Best: You Ask, I Answer


Hi my loves. I’m finally back in the states and it could not feel better!!!! While I was on my loooong flight from Turkey I had a chance to answer more of your questions. YAY! Thanks for asking dolls! ENJOY :)

What kind of lashes are you wearing? They’re amazing! Any other beauty must haves?? -Stephanie
This is a funny question only because I did a photo shoot the other day and they kept saying, “Take off her lashes! They are giving her shadows!” But I never wear false lashes. I do not wear lash extensions either. I love my own natural lashes (see pic above). I will sometimes wear fake lashes for a shoot but they tend to make my eyelids extra heavy and make me look sleepy. So I prefer not to. I will say my go-to mascara is Lancôme Hyponse — it works wonders!
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Khloé Knows Best: You Ask, I Answer

Hi dolls! Thanks so much for leaving your questions yesterday!! I only had a chance to get through some of them, so I’ll post more tomorrow :) My answers are in bold.
How did you meet Khadijah and Malika Haqq?? -Ajay
I met the twins about twelve years ago. Malika was dating one of my male best friends. He would always keep us apart because I am sure he knew we would just hit it off. One day we met and we did. Malika and Khadijah have been my best friends ever since. We are basically like sisters. I am really blessed to have friends for such a long period of time. (more…)

You Ask, I Answer!!!

Hi dolls. It’s been soooooo long since I’ve answered fan questions so I figured it was time to start that up again! Leave your questions in a comment on this post and I’ll choose a bunch to answer tomorrow :) xoxoxo

Answering YOUR Questions About Periods!

Thanks so much to everyone who left questions about periods for me! I think it was really brave of you and it was a great way to encourage others to be open about a topic we should ALL feel comfortable discussing.

Answering fan questions is seriously my faaaavorite thing to do so I had a lot of fun with this :) Read the first question I answered after the jump, and then click through the gallery to see the rest.

Also, be sure to check out the third episode from the series Kim, my mom and I created (after the jump) to see the artwork I created out of pads LOL. You can watch the rest of the videos on the Celebuzz Getting Real Page.


Khloé Knows Best: You Ask, I Answer!

Dolls it’s been waaaayyyyy too long!!!! I really do love reading your questions and I’m going to try my hardest to get back in the habit of answering them weekly.  xoxo
My roomate and I at college love to watch your show!!! I was just wondering how you deal with having all of Kourtney and Kim’s relationship drama yet keep your own relationship awesome!
What’s up baby doll!! Great question. I actually pride myself in keeping my relationship incredibly close to my heart. Certain things need to be yours and yours alone :) I am great at listening to others people’s ups and downs yet not really disclosing too much information regarding my relationship. (a little is perfect but too much is dangerous) No other individual truly knows the ins and outs of your relationship quite like you do. So no one but yourself can really give you advice for you.
Khloe, I love you very much and you have such an amazing family and I just have something to ask. I know how you and your sisters talk about that your dad is in heaven and all- but do you guys actually believe in God? Cause you guys say you pray and all and Rob even reads the bible but why do you guys cuss like crazy and do some things that are just way out of line? lol. Im not here to preach to you if thats what your thinking.I dont know if this is even my business but I’d figure that Id ask since you answer some personal questions already. Im just saying that you guys speak one thing and then you do the other. And I mean to be honest, how do you know you will even get to heaven and get to see your dad again?Please dont take this the wrong way. The kardahsian family is always in my heart. Its just something Ive always been meaning to ask.Love you Khloe….I really do. I wish you were my big sister.
Love, Apple

Hey Apple!

Thank you for the question…. Yes, in my family we all do believe in God. My family was brought up going to church every single Sunday and we do pray every night before we go to bed and we thank God for blessing us with food every time we eat and for all of our blessings daily. We were raised as Christians…. Christians have faith and I have faith that I will see my father again. Without faith there is nothing. I do believe in God and I do try to live my life as the best person that I can be. I am a sweet person with a great heart. My intentions are always good. I never want to hurt or harm anyone. Yes I might “curse” too much but we all have faults. And my cursing does not make me a bad person. It also does not mean I do not believe in God due to my choice in words. I hope I answered your question.


Hey Khloe!

I often read articles about you and your family, and also watch your reality show. I really admire your attitude and confidence when it comes to people trash talking about you or your family! sooooo, I was wondering if you have a secret to letting all of that go! You have said before that you dont let it get to you, but gosh, How?? I find it very hard, and Im not even in the spotlight! LOL sidenote, you are a super huge inspiration to me,and my daughters…. so just know that you inspire all ages and walks of life ?


Hey doll!! Good question! I actually try to not read any blog sites (because they can be the meanest) or any magazines. From time to time I do read that stuff but I have come to the understanding with myself that these magazines need to sell stories and that is what I have become to them…an entertaining story. It is very frustrating to not want to comment and defend yourself with every negative article but you learn to let them slide. I have built a really thick skin, which I am very thankful for. I credit my thick skin to the fact I do have a loving family and inner circle. I know my friends and family know the real me and I have grown tired of pleasing everyone. So if my inner circle is happy with who I am, then so am I :)


hi khlo i’m ur biggest fan in Trinidad and Tobago incase u dont knw where dat is its located in the Caribbean west indies to be exact, i just love u and ur family yall seem like so much fun… right now am on a weight loss mission i’ve always been thick never a skinny chick nor do i wanna be skinny i like being thick but i want a flat stomach and to be toned, i love how u and kim lost weight but still look nice and feminine and dats what i want i wanna tone up but without the manly muscles can u tell me what sort of exercises u do.

thnx doll
ttyl xoxoxo

Hi Heidi!!! I love that you want to get into shape!!! I have struggled with my weight loss for years and years!! It sucks!!! But just know that a change will not happen over night! It takes time and persistence. I lost 28 pounds by working out and taking an all-natural diet supplement called Quick Trim. The combination with the two really changed my life!!!! And if you want to lose weight and not bulk up then I would suggest doing cardio cardio cardio. You will definitely lose the pounds and only have natural muscle.




Sugar face! I love love love Christmas!!! I was so thrilled to spend my first Christmas with Lamar!!! The whole experience alone was a blessing and a perfect memory. I have always wanted diamond stud earrings. I mean what girl doesn’t LOL. I never cared what size or anything like that, I just love when I see woman wearing a simple stud earring. I find it so classy. So Lamar bought me BEAUTIFUL stud earrings. Obviously I was ecstatic!!!!

Lamar is a jewelry man! He has a ton of different bracelets, watches, and necklaces… so I wanted to copy his wedding band that I got him so he had it in different colors for when he wears different pieces of jewelry. I bought him a yellow diamond dipped in yellow gold wedding band as well as a black diamond dipped in chrome platinum wedding band. I want to drape my hubby in diamonds!!! LOL It’s nice to be able to shower your loved ones with gifts if you can. No matter what the gifts are, it is the thought that counts.

Khloé Knows Best


Hi dolls.  I know it’s been a while so I wanted to get back in the habit of answering all of your questions that you leave in comments here on my site.  It’s seriously one of my favorite things to do but things just got so hectic that I haven’t really had much time to do it.  I’ve decided that I really need to make time though because you’ve all been so wonderful to me and I want to return all the love and support you’ve shown me in any way that I can. 

So let’s get this show on the road people! Please feel free to leave any and all of your questions in comments, whether they be about fashion, beauty, dating, family, and even questions about my life (we’ll see how many of those I’ll be able to answer LOL). Ready…and GO!