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Lamar’s First Golfing Experience!

Over the weekend Lamar went golfing for his first time with Rob and Bruce in the Hamptons! I love how buddy buddy they are LOL. Kendall was there to document the entire thing for me and she took the cutest pics! I wish I could have seen their little victory dances in person, luckily I had my little spy Kenny to tell me all about them!! Too funny! 

Lamar did so well for his first time playing. So proud of him, as usual :)

Look What My Mom Got for Bruce!!


My mom bought Bruce a porsche this week and I’m seriously dying over how insane it is!!! When I asked my mom what it was for, she basically named every holiday in the book, so it was a Father’s Day present, a birthday present, a Christmas present AND an Easter present. My mom really just wanted to get him a new car LOL. Bruce deserves it! He really is the best :)

Father’s Day Dinner with the Fam!

Last night Lamar, Destiny, LJ, Robert, Bruce, Kris, Kim, Kendall, Kylie and I all went to Boa for a wonderful Father’s Day dinner. It was the perfect end to a perfect week! As I mentioned earlier, I was sick with the flu, but sometimes being around all of your loved ones can help you entirely zone that out. So despite being sick, I had a blast!!! The food was incredible and everyone was just in such amazing spirits. There’s nothing better than a big family dinner — just wish Kourt, Scott and Mason were there with us. (more…)

My Father’s Day Photo Album

Father’s Day is two days away, so in preparation I wanted to post this photo album (mostly old school pics) dedicated to my dad and to Bruce. I was seriously the luckiest girl in the world growing up because I had two amazing dads who not only loved us kids more than anything, but adored each other as well. My dad and Bruce were always really close — Kendall and Kylie even called my dad Uncle Robert which I loved.

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More Pics from E!’s Birthday Bash

Hi all. I just found some more pics from E!’s 20th anniversary event that I wanted to share. I still can’t get over the quadruplet sequin action we had going on LOL. Too funny!

Celebrating E! in Sequins & Glitter

Last night my family and I attended E!‘s 20th birthday bash at the London Hotel in Hollywood. I arrived solo and met my mom there and I walk in and Kris and I were in practically matching sequin dresses!!! I was just like, is this a joke?! LOL. THEN, to make matters even more ridiculous, Kourt and Kim walk in together both donning glitter and sequins as well. What are the odds?? I guess we Kardashian women really are on the same wavelength LOL. Bruce and Rob also attended — it would have been pretty silly if they showed wearing glitter and sequins too haha. You never know with the men in this family. (more…)

Spoiler Alert: Kardashians Killed on South Park!!


So last night I was on Twitter and suddenly I got bombarded with tweets from people telling me that my sisters and I were on the new episode of South Park. People were saying we get shot and I just had to watch and see if it was true. Turns out they were right! Kim, Kourt, Bruce, my mom and I had our heads blown off just as we were about to go underwear shopping on an episode of Keeping Up hahahaha. I died when I saw it!!! We all looked soooooooo gross LOL. (Bruce actually looked pretty spot-on haha). It was all Butters’ fault after he wrote a book that incited a desire in people to want to kill us. Butters wasn’t too happy about it in the end since he was in love with us — he was heartbroken! Poor Butters!!!! He’s so cute.


Even though we all weren’t portrayed as the most attractive South Park characters, I was still so flattered since I love that show haha. My fav show is actually Family guy but I can’t be picky LOL. I can only hope and pray that one day, we Kardashians will make it on to Family Guy! Gotta dream big! LOL.

Do you like South Park or Family Guy better???

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Kasting the Kardashians

Hi dolls.  In honor of yesterday’s finale (I hope you all enjoyed it!), Celebuzz asked Kim, Kourtney and I to pretend that Keeping Up with the Kardashians were being made into a movie (it could totally happen someday) and had us each come up with our own cast of characters.  This actually turned out to be a lot harder than I thought…I mean, it’s not easy to find an actress capable of stepping into the mindset of Kris Jenner! LOL.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kast

Khloé KardashianDrew Barrymore – I absolutely love her and feel like she’s sort of a wild child like me.  She obviously would need to be wearing some serious heels though LOL.

Kim Kardashian  - Jennifer Lopez – The two are seriously booty sisters! This one is just meant to be.

Kourtney KardashianEva Longoria – Eva is so cute and little and I could toss her around just as easily as Kourt :)

Rob KardashianTaylor Lautner…DUH. They BOTH love taking their shirts off!

Lamar OdomDenzel Washington – My biggest celebrity crush is Denzel, so why wouldn’t I cast him as my husband?! LOL.

Kris JennerSharon Stone – She’ll need to lose the blonde hair and go for a new dark ‘do.

Find out the rest of my Keeping Up cast after the jump and see who Kim picked on her blog and who Kourt chose on hers!


Our Kardashian Kristmas Eve Party

Every year my mom throws a huge Christmas Eve party — she’s been doing it since Kourt was born and it’s our main holiday tradition. The party starts early around 5pm or so and all of our friends and family come. My mom has carolers, elves, and Santa even comes to hand out presents. It is amazing. (more…)

Our 2009 Family Holiday Card

It’s no secret that my family has always been into photo shoots, but my mom was always really big on the family holiday cards. Each year we would get everyone together and my mom always thought of the most ridiculous themes…hence the Harley Davidson one! LOL. Can you believe we did that?!?!??! I die every time I see that picture. This year we got a little lazy with our card, but hey, a lot has been going on in our family! We used a family photo from my wedding and I love seeing my hubby’s face on our Christmas card this year! I also love seeing Ryan Seacrest’s face on the card as well haha. I mean, I guess he is practically part of the family by now.

Click through the gallery to see some of our holiday cards throughout the years. What’s the craziest thing your family has ever done for a holiday card?