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The Kardashian Krew Goes Bowling!

Sunday night after we all got back from the birthday celebration in Vegas we decided that the weekend of fun was no where near over…so bowling was the obvious answer!  LOL.

We went to our favorite spot in Sherman Oaks, Pinz, and played boys against girls

I personally sucked, while Reggie got eight strikes in a row!!!!!  You do the math…I’m sure I don’t need to tell you who won.  LOL. 

Bowling with the crew…Again!

I went bowling with the twins and some of our guy friends Monday night.  We had girls against guys and I tried my hardest…but we still lost :(

We’re doing a re-match though because I feel like I was gypped LOL.  Here are some pics from the night — hope you guys enjoy!

What’s your favorite low-key activity with your friends???