Sunday Movie: Hook

Hook is one of those movies that kids can enjoy AND adults can enjoy.  I loved it when it came out and to this day it’s still one of my favorite movies!!! The story of Peter Pan is an incredible one its own right, and then Hook put an entirely new and exciting spin on it, which is what makes it so amazing. It has an all-star cast, with Robin Williams, Julia Roberts and Dustin Hoffman — it’s hard to believe it’s actually Dustin Hoffman because he looks SO different!

Watch the trailer for a closer look :)

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    patrycja |  Posted on Jan 17th, 2010

    Hi! Khloe:) I’m very happy beucase I can watch movie with you:)
    I LOVE YOU;**

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    joana |  Posted on Jan 17th, 2010

    I am Portuguese but I see keeping up with the kardashian.
    I know all: kris, bruce, two younger sisters, lamar, scott, robert, kim, kourtney and his son, I love watching the program.
    I cried so much in your wedding was so beautiful.
    loved that answered me
    xo xo
    P.s: sorry misspelled words
    You are my idol

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    kornelia |  Posted on Jan 17th, 2010

    hi Khloe! I love your site, I check it many times for every hour. I adore you, and when I saw this topic, I mean, Sunday movie and what is it, now I download that film to watch the same that u saw. You are my hero!

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    joana  |  Posted on Jan 17th, 2010

    excuse me but if you want to respond must be with this comment because the other I fooled the mail
    I am the same person’s previous email

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    Inge  |  Posted on Jan 17th, 2010

    Hi Khloe!!
    Tonight finaly I can watch KUWTK on E in Holland. I counted the days. Cant wait to see you give Scott a good punch!! Hahaha Hope it was hard enough ;-)
    Love you and your’e sisters. You are getting more and more famous over here.
    Maybe one day I can meet you all!!!
    Love you!!!

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    Julie |  Posted on Jan 17th, 2010

    I love Hook! Even though my children were young when this movie came out we still say looky looky who has hookie! I am now a gigi {grandma} so I get the joy of watching this movie another 100 times!

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    E.W |  Posted on Jan 17th, 2010

    Just wanted to ask — who asked you to be the guest on the Fashion thing? I’m glad you were picked oppose to your self absorbed sister Kim!!

    Whoo Hoo Khloe! Good for you! Atleast you’ll be real and not boring. I do like you, but not your sisters.

    Kim is so self centered and too much into herself. Thats just a personal observation. She only likes herself. No one who is really secure with themself snaps pics of themself all day long, then ask what ppl what they think about them..She really needs to get over herself.
    I use to be a fan of Kim, but…no longer! I am not a fan of you, Khloe!

    I love the relationship you have with Kourtney! That is sooooo sweet and awesome!

    I hope Koutney doesn’t allow the paps in her life, especially know that baby Mason is here.
    He is such a sweet angel.
    I can NOT wait for you to have kids. Just like Kris said one an episode, you would be the BEST mom….I must think that hurt Kourtney.

    Kourtney is a fool for dealing with Scott. It just baffles my mind why she would support him financially. Makes NO sense. Knock some sense in her stupid head! She is looking like such a fool!


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    Jordi |  Posted on Jan 17th, 2010

    OMG I just watched that last week Saturday! Definitely one of my favs!!!

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    E.W. |  Posted on Jan 17th, 2010

    You really need to lose weight!

    I use to like you alot..but I think you are a disgrace!
    You really need help!


  10. avatar
    E.W. |  Posted on Jan 17th, 2010

    You really need to lose weight!

    I use to like you alot..but I think you are a disgrace!
    You really need help!


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