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Hi guys! Kourtney and Kim have added a ton of new items to our eBay store, and Rob’s Range Rover is still for sale! 

Head over to to do some shopping!!!

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    Nancy Forney |  Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    the web pages is not working you click on it and it goes no where except to a magnifying prompt.

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    liliana B |  Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    look im the first to comment how cool!!! i love u khloe

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    Nancy Forney |  Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    Never mind I found

  4. avatar
    liliana B |  Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    click on the link on the last sentence!!!

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    Monica M |  Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    How do I get to the dash online store? It directs me to another website.

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    Amie W. |  Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    Khloe, are you doing to add any items to the auction? I love what’s already on there, unfortunately I’m just a little bigger than Kourtney!

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    michelle |  Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    trying to find dash online and i can’t find it.. can anyone help

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    Nick |  Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    Im 12 and I have cerbral palsy and when it hurts SUPER BAD (ALL THE TIME) or when I get home from school (after being called gay by people i dont know all day) I just watch your show and it makes me feel better. I LOVE YOU AND MY WISH IS TO MEET YOU. YOU ROCK AND YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL! KEEP IT UP!


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    Nick Dahlke |  Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    Hi Khloe! I’m 12 and I have cerebral palsy and heart problems but, i dont let it get me down! As much pain as i go through emotionally and mentally i stay strong, because thats what you would do! I get made fun of by high schoolers and middle schoolers i barely know on a daily basis because of my cerebral palsy and heart problems. They call me gay because I love fashion and I carry a Louis Vuitton Messenger bag because i cant carry a normal backpack because of my heart problem and cerberal palsy. After dealing with all of this during my day I come home and watch your shows Kourtney and Khloe take Miami and Keeping up with the Kardashians because your funny jokes make me feel better. And i also feel close to you because both of my parents died in a car accident when i was 2. But I have a wonderful adoptive family! MY BIGGEST WISH WOULD BE TO MEET YOU! No matter what anyone says your flawless inside and out! Keep it up because your my Idol! I HOPE YOU READ THIS! please email me at IT WOULD MAKE ME FAINT! IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!

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    mpho |  Posted on Oct 1st, 2010

    Hey khloe mu name is mpho from south africa I totaly enjoy watch both showz neva miss an episode. U r supa funny I luv watching get scott all worked up and tell him off oh and baby mason is too cute. Mwaaah

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