Ron Artest Uses Unbreakable During an Interview!

Ron Artest uses Unbreakable on Channel 9 news.
OMG!!! Ron Artest was on Channel 9 news for an interview but he wouldn’t answer questions until John Ireland sprayed Unbreakable on himself! I actually died when I saw this. I love Ron! This is too funny!!!

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    t3pps |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2011

    Ron Ron is sooooooo funny. Nice to see him showing love to Unbreakable!

  2. Saida |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2011

    How wicked is that?!?!? genius!!

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    luisaariza |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2011

    i`m a big fan of you and your sisters, and your entire family….i would love to have one of those frangances, but i don`t know how! I`m from Colombia so….

  4. Tress |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2011

    Ron Ron is the best!

    There was another article after one of the last week and your hubby was doing his post game interview and Kevin Ding from the OC Register tweeted this:

    Kevin Ding: Luke, passing Lamar’s locker postgame and drawing a smile from his pal: “Hey, is that the new Unbreakable I’ve heard so much about? Whoo!”
    10:13 PM Feb 11th via ÜberTwitter

    I love it.

  5. sunshine. |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2011

    Ahahahahahahhaaa he’s hilarous!! He’s not even listening this guy, he’s just like ˝Screw the game…Wanna try Unbreakable?˝ :D

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    tiadabest |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2011

    that’s my dude he’s hilarious for no reason gotta love him!!!

  7. Sheilz |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2011

    lol Ron Artest is super kool for doing that

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    hate is a disease |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2011

    lol u guys have a ride or die friend in Ron. I love it. I want to see him with his family more ;)

  9. ania_wrk |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2011

    ja chcę go mieć w Polsce!!! chociaż próbkę :)

    I want to have him in Poland! Although the sample:)

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    eacadenas |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2011

    lol very nice!

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