Rocking My New Rich Soil 07 Tee!

Khloe Kardashian Wears New Rich Soil 07 Tee
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    Mika9 |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2013

    So, Khloe, you are a really great woman. I am an intuitive (a little older than you) and have observed for a while now certain dynamics in your family. I have strong insight and wanted to confirm what you already know. You have an amazing Spirit. You are smart and like a lion, majorly protective.
    You are good! Your little sisters, Kylie and Kendall need you as a Mom because your Mom can’t be all to everyone and unfortunately, they suffer (even though all says otherwise). They did not sign up for this. Rob and Kourtney, you, Kendall and Kylie are all the same. Kim is a byproduct of your Mom. Yes, she has great points but she is at the end of the day about her image. That really is the most important thing. The fact that she is having a baby with That Rapper Ego, is going to bring change. They focus on different things – that are mostly ego. So, detach from their egos. But know in the end, most important thing to Kim and Kanye will always be image and fake power – no matter how many orpanages they visit. I am not saying they are all bad. They have good points. But what drives them at core is self and image= ego. So just hold tight to you and yours (including Kendall & make sure Kylie doesn’t get too wild). All the others (Kendall, Rob, Kylie), need you as their Mom. You are wonderful.

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      jenniew1236 |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2013

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    trukardashfan |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2013

    awww kokes you look stunning!

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    trukardashfan |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2013

    I hope you check out <3

  4. xxlahlahxx |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2013

    I love your look but I just want to say that I see you have lost a lot of weight which is not a bad thing I suppose but I feel like you were beautiful when you had a lil more on you … I know that when you are famous its a big thing not to have weight on you but why does it matter why care what other people think… ijs but yeah I thought I would share that with you I love you just the way you were and are now!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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    jerseystar20 |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2013

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2013

    Khloe, you look gorgeous. Love the t-shirt.

  7. alessandraaa |  Posted on Jan 31st, 2013

    You are so tiny! Look how much weight you lost! I can tell just by your jawline you’ve slimmed out. Good job girlie. Ps I ordered a Rich Soil tank! I can’t wait for it to come in! Xo

  8. alessandraaa |  Posted on Jan 31st, 2013

    Can you please bring the Kardashian collection to Canada? It would do so well here, especially in Toronto! We are KARDASHIAN KRAZY! Please please please think about it. EVEN BETTER IF YOU LAUNCH IT HERE IN TORONTO AND HAVE A HUGE MEET & GREET OMG I’D BE LINED UP A WEEKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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