Rob is Selling His Range Rover!!!

Rob has hopped on the eBay bandwagon and is selling his one-of-a-kind custom Range Rover Sport. If it wasn’t already a ridiculously hot car, Platinum Motorsport went ahead and did some sick customizations so it looks absolutely amazing now!
The winning bidder will be able to pick up the keys directly from Rob, and trust me, if there’s a Kardashian you want to meet, Rob’s your guy. He’s my favorite sibling..shhhhh. LOL.
The auction just went live so head over to eBay and place your bid people!

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    Heidi |  Posted on Sep 9th, 2010

    Just wondering if the Range Rover was sold? I know this is late but haven’t been around. I didn’t see it on E-Bay so just wondering , very interested and have the $$$. Please let me know Thank You- Heidi

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    Julia |  Posted on Oct 6th, 2010

    Is the car sold ?

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    Pedro Arellano |  Posted on Oct 8th, 2010

    Hi Kloe! I love your show on tv. I never missed an apisode, Ho my G-D this is my dream car …. take care and let me tell you, you are so beutiful and your family too…

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    maleah |  Posted on Oct 16th, 2010

    I wish I had the money for this I want one. And I’m watching keeping up right now.

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    Nicola Parisi |  Posted on Dec 6th, 2010

    Hey Khloe! Luv you… you are my fav on the show! Just got back from NY about two weeks ago.. Luv the Dash store! Bought a t-shirt from there! You guys did an awesome job!!! you are all so funny down to earth… my family is the same way!!! gotta luv it! Speaking of family.. your brother is smokin HOT! You need to hook me up Khole!!!!!!! :)

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