Rob Scheppy Adds a Little Bling to My Makeup Look!

  • Khloe Kardashian Christmas Card Makeup
  • Khloe Kardashian Christmas Card Makeup
  • Khloe Kardashian Christmas Card Makeup
  • Khloe Kardashian Christmas Card Makeup

Khloe Kardashian Christmas Card Makeup

Hi dolls! My gorgeous and oh so fabulous makeup artist Rob Scheppy is back for another guest blog, and this time he’s dishing on how to get my makeup look for our Christmas Card shoot! Read his step-by-step guide below and then go home and try it out yourself! Take it away, Rob!

Khloé’s Christmas Card Shoot Makeup

For the Kardashian Jenner Odom Disick Christmas card everyone wanted to really shine…so everyone wore sequins and glitter…and it looked great in 3-D! Its so fun to use metallics and glitter to add some bling to your makeup. Here is the step-by-step to get the look I did for Khloé…

1. I wanted a velvet skin finish so I started with a matte foundation. I like Mat Velvet+ from MakeupForever. I used a matte blush by MAC called Pink Swoon applied to the apples of the cheeks and suntan matte bronzer by Smashbox applied to the hollows under the cheek bone, the temples, lightly around the jawline, and lightly down the sides of the nose. Apply highlighter down the center of the nose and lightly on the high parts of the cheek bone.

2. For the eyes I used a matte dark brown shadow applied to the crease of the lid, blending outward in a v shape around the outter edge of the eye and bringing it under the bottom lashline. Then a used a lighter matte brown shadow to blend towards the inner corners on the lid and bottom lashline. On the center of the lid I added a little pure metallic coppper pigment. (The best way to apply metallic pigments is with your finger and pressing into the skin not rubbing or blending it in otherwise you can dull the shine). Add some mascara. I love Hourglass film noir full spectrum and lash laquer for a top coat.

3. I went with matte red lips to finish the look. I like to apply concealer or foundation on the lips and lightly powder then line and fill in the lip with a red pencil. My favorite red is Ruby Woo by MAC and I recommend it for any skin tone.

Let me know what you think and send me pics of yourself trying out this look…

All my best,

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Comments (21)

  1. KhloMoney_Dolls |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012

    Rob’s work is truly Amazeballz! You always look so beautiful my Khlover Queen xo

    Gorgeous Award!!!!!!!

  2. Daniel Kardashian |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012

    No one does it like Rob Scheppy! You look stunning!

  3. Kardashian Nation |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012

    Love it!! Thx for sharing and Im now following him! YAYY XO

  4. Natasha Tishy Algazy |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012

    Your so beautiful :)) please follow my twitter (@Kardashian4Evax)

  5. stephaniEEsser |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012

    I really love this pictures. I think Khloe is a role model for me. Please follow me @stephanieEEsser

  6. avatar
    megsmith |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012

    so nice you look beautiful ! love you khloe lam lam has my vote <3

  7. @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012


  8. avatar
    lilita |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012

    Quiero decirte que eres hermosa y que me inspiras para aceptarme tal y como soy. Mis mejores deseos

  9. avatar
    erb66 |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012

    so pretty! you have such a stunning unique face… and its always beautiful!

  10. avatar
    Ryan777 |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012

    Hi, Khloe you looked absultey beautiful how the way Rob did you for that fabulous christmas card I really don’t know how he does it he is such a brilliant make up artist. He shows all of his uniques and talents all on you and you look so devine. I don’t think any make up artist could do a fabulous job on you than he does on you. I read his guide and it probably takes so much hard work to do what he does but with lots of practice and with great effort I bet all of us could become a brilliant and fabulous make artist like him. And with a such a unique and abulutley beautiful face of your it’s probably a piece of cake to do. I’m beyond excited that Lamar got nominated for all star he is such a excellent player and such a kind and courageous man that he totally deserves that all star trophy I know that he didn’t win last year when he was with the Lakers which I saw on the first episode Khloe&Lamar which was not fair at all but I’m sure and praying that he will win this year he totally deserves 150% present. I voted for him right away when you wrote the news about I wish that I could vote as many times as I want but you can only vote one time each day so I will make sure I will vote everyday and prey that he will win. I wish you guys all the best the in the world and I’m really excited to watch the game on 2/26 to see which team will win and hope that Lamar wins all star. you can follow me or tweet me on twitter @Ryan91730 take care doll bless you and your fabulous husband very much!!! XoXoXo

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