Reminder! My Toy Drive is TODAY!

Khloe Kardashian Visits Children's Hospital
Hey dolls! Just a reminder that today is my toy drive in Dallas and I would love to see a lot of your faces there! It’s being held at City Hall Plaza from 12pm-2pm and all of the toys will be given to the children spending their holiday in the Children’s Hospital of Dallas. Remember, all toys must be UNWRAPPED but still in their original packaging (for health reasons), so please no stuffed animals. I will sign autographs and take pictures, as long as you’ve brought a toy to donate :).

City Hall Plaza
1500 Marilla St.
Dallas TX, 75201

Click HERE for more details! Can’t wait to see you guys there! xoxo

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Comments (24)

  1. Ashley Tabron |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    You are amazing!!

    • ba.hoops25 |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

      Hi Khloe !
      You are so amazing doll ! Your entire family is extremely generous :) May God bless you !
      Keep it up

    • @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted on Dec 22nd, 2011

      i hope your got a lot of donations.

    • Marilyn Phillips |  Posted on Dec 27th, 2011

      I would like to say to Khloe, that I have over the year come to admire you. I was not to sure of you because of the filthy language that you use a lot that is not becoming of such a Loving Person that I have watched over the months. I judged you harshly and should not. I believe that you and Lamar are good for each other. It is a good move for you and Lamar to come to Texas. I am from Houston and would love for you two to come to Houston. I truly admire you for your work that you do for the children;s Hospital. I worked as Child Advocate and know there are so many ill and abused children. What you did was amazing and then to see your 16 step sister actually turn her birthday party into collecting gifts for ill children, WOW, Kendall you must take after the Jenner side, I believe Khloe is a Jenner as well, You two do not protray yourself as all about money and how more you can make. I just wish your mom would realize that she is not a teenager and she needs to quit wanting to be in spot light, it is really sickening. All anyone thinks about her is that she is as it was quoted “pimping out her girls for all the money, she turns down appearances if anyone ask that any of you appear at any fund raisers unless they pay you mega bucks.If the hospital had mega bucks to pay for you to appear they wouldn’t need to have fund raisers. We all know Kim & Kourtney is about the money and being in the spot light. But with Khloe and Kendall they really have stepped up for others and appear to really truly care about Us people who deal with cancer and abuse children GOD BLESS YOU KHLOE, LAMAR AND KENDALL..I remember when Bruce Jenner was level headed and respected..

  2. KhloMoney_Dolls |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    I wish I wasn’t so far away in South Carolina….I would’ve loved to be there….You’re such a great Role Model KoKo :)

  3. Daniel Kardashian |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    Have fun! I wish I was in Dallas to go and support you!

  4. Australia1996 |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    I’am so proud of you Khloe. LOVE FROM ME AND ALL YOUR FANS

  5. CiaraMcCabe |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011


  6. avatar
    reyame1027 |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    Khloe I’m so happy you are moving here to Dallas!!! I’m not a MAVS fan but now knowing Lamar is there I’m #1 Fan I also bought some tickets for the games It will be a dream come true if I see you on the games!!! I’m praying to see you around there!!

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    girls |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    Khloe I think wht u did today was such a good thing for the kids. I really like how u r so different from your sisters. You are awsome khloe and I hope to meet you soon . We love u khloe glad u r in Texas .

  8. Fernanda Do Vale |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    Beautiful project, congratulations for the initiative. How do you say this and so Kardashian.Beijosss

  9. avatar
    scorpios_rule |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    Khloe I think you rock girl congrats on the move & making any state that your husband is in home. You are my fav Kardashian sister. Keep up the great work that you do

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    chelgraham |  Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    What a great turn out today! Thanks so much for coming to Dallas with such an awesome attitude and doing something so special to help the kids at the Children’s Hospital. You did it waaaaay big today which means you will fit right in here since EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS! ;)

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