Our Unforgettable Visit to Camp Pendleton

Recently Lamar and I had the honor of being invited to visit the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, obviously an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. It was a truly eye opening experience and I wanted to share it with all of you. Our day at Camp Pendleton began with a lovely two hour breakfast where we got to meet everyone and just hang out. They told us all about what they do on a day-to-day basis, and then we got to experience it first-hand!

After breakfast, they took us to see this giant tank that can go straight from water to land — basically it can be underwater like a submarine, but then drive out of the water onto land without even stopping. It was SO cool. They gave us a ride in it which was so much fun, and then… the hard stuff started LOL. Lamar and I ran their obstacle courses with them (which they do EVERY day), and I was pretty much dying by the end LOL. We were all racing each other and we each had to carry a person while we sprinted half a mile to get ammo, and then sprint back carrying the ammo. It was CRAZY! After that, Lamar learned some Martial Arts moves but I opted to sit that one out, as I couldn’t handle any more physical activity LOL. It was so cool to see how much these people give up for our country and how hard they work. Lamar is a professional athlete and he struggled with the obstacle course, and they do that every single day. BEYOND impressive.

All in all, it was a very intense experience, as well as incredibly educational. Lamar and I both learned so much and we were unbelievably honored to be invited! We are so grateful to the troops and their families for selflessly devoting their lives to protect our country!

Click through the gallery to see pics from our visit. What a day!

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    Lisa doll |  Posted on Dec 13th, 2011

    Awww, love the pics Khlo. Thanks for sharing!
    What an amazing experience, super jealous.
    Wishing you & Lammy all the best in Dallas (I am sad about the trade & now need to throw out all my Lakers stuff)

    Lots of love doll
    Lise Xx

    • @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted on Dec 13th, 2011

      Hi Klhoe,

      I love the pictures. Must have been amazing.

      Since it is christmas I made this video for you and your family with the help of loads of dash dolls. If you do see it tell me what you think on twitter —>>> http://youtu.be/nfxZ9JrzE-U

      Love form Ireland <3

  2. Carly |  Posted on Dec 13th, 2011

    thanks for sharing these wonderful pics with us. amazing :)

  3. KhloMoney_Dolls |  Posted on Dec 13th, 2011

    The pics are amazing! You and Lammy are such troopers xo

  4. thomasgaudet |  Posted on Dec 13th, 2011

    LOve ya khloe!! you my inspiration!!

  5. avatar
    alleycat |  Posted on Dec 13th, 2011

    Living life; creating memories. Thanks for sharing the amazing pics. Yours and Lamar’s happiness seriously blesses my soul and makes me smile from ear to ear. You are such an inspirational dynamic duo! Stay blessed.

  6. avatar
    Revel77 |  Posted on Dec 13th, 2011

    Great that you all went there to visit and participated. Great pic!

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    BritMFun |  Posted on Dec 13th, 2011

    Hey Khloe, I’m a(female) Marine on Camp Pendleton and I remember the day you guys came here I kept asking everyone where are they?!? I wanted to meet you guys soo bad! Maybe another time. The vehicle you’re referring to is an AAV and its used for amphibious landings because that’s what the Marines were known for and the course you ran was a CFT(combat fitness test) it def isn’t easy so good job running it I think you carried my friend Cpl Rixon and the blond who was demonstrating is Lt Kitchen. You’re my fav kardashian…I admire you so much…thanks for coming here and hope you can come back soon..

  8. Kardashian Nation |  Posted on Dec 13th, 2011

    that is sooo cool! Looks like fun and hard work.lol. Thank u to all troops! and God Bless all of our soldiers! Thx for sharing! XO

  9. shanice09 |  Posted on Dec 14th, 2011

    I simply love this couple!!!!!

  10. KhloeKGorgeous |  Posted on Dec 14th, 2011

    You and Lammy look sooo lovely!! Love the pics!! I think it was an amazing experience!!! Xo

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