The Fam Meets Oprah on Tonight’s KUWTK!

The Kardashian Family Meets Oprah On Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Hi dolls! A super exciting episode of Keeping Up is on tonight, and I’m so pumped for you guys to see! As some of you probably remember, my entire family sat down with Oprah for an interview at my mom’s house, and on tonight’s show you’ll get an up close look at her visit. It was a truly surreal experience. Tune in tonight at 9/8c on E! to see how it all went down.

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2012

    Happy Sunday Everyone. Khloe, can’t wait to watch this new episode Keeping Up tonight. I love the Kardashians and Oprah!!!!!! xoxo

    P.S. So Excited!!!!

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      irivnytan |  Posted on Aug 29th, 2012

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    recraig |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2012

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2012

    Khloe, you have to convince Mama Kris to let Rob and Lamar open a male DASH Store. Your stylish male fans like myself need something to feel more apart of the Kardashian fashion empire.

    P.S. Love Rob, he really remains me a lot of myself. Can’t wait for his sock line to launch.

  4. Crystal A. Stockton |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2012

    Kloe…I just have to tell you that I thought the way you handled yourself and the situation with your brother tonight showed class and grace. You might have had a harder road because of challenges with body image…but I think it made you all the better person. My heart broke for Robert tonight and as a fan, I’m not sure how I feel about Kim…I don’t think she’s portraying herself in a positive light. I really appreciate that you don’t seem to have let the fame go to your head. Have a blessed day.

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    lashanda |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2012

    Honestly, I am feeling so sorry for Rob tonight. He is asking for the same help that Kris has given to all of you. I know that you worked so hard and Kris is busy but she has made time for the little girls. Also, I feel like Kim is being selfish. On the show she appears to be all about her, maybe this is different in real life but that is what we see. Khloe you are my favorite by far. Kourt is second. Why does Kim think she is the better of you. I personally would buy clothes from your line than I would hers. Just saying. By the way I laughed so hard when Lamar was messing with the bladeless fans. The two of you seem so real. I love you!

  6. Barb Roedema Loines |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2012

    I’ve been watching our show for awhile and I do really enjoy it and kudos to you Kloe, your a fantastic big sister to all your siblings. Also you have it seems a lot of pressure trying to mediate and fix things. I’m with you there girl, I do the same thing and it’s hard.

    The episode that was on tonight actually broke my heart for Rob. I actually cried with him. I see him trying, he’s not flaking. What makes me feel bad for him is you 3 sister’s work together as a team which is fantastic ..but Rob is totally alone with not a sister or brother blood relative to work with to support him. Hopefully down the road all 4 of you can come together as siblings to get something going.

    Keep stronge and hang in there…things always seem to work out. Don’t know if you actually read these but, like I said Rob made me feel bad and this is the first time I’ve ever written on something like this..;0

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    ChristineV. |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2012

    Khloe you are my favorite and Kourt is 2nd but I really admire how you two are so down to earth and how y’all keep it 100% and I think thats why you have such great loyal fans. Kim never seems to amaze me, she wonders why she has such a negative image, yet she gives her self that image. She has a lot of nerve to talk about Rob the way she does, does she forget she only became famous from her scandalous ways. That’s her brother and yet she treats him like that but obviously nothing is to low for her. I shed some tears watching Rob cry, your such a great sister and I can see exactly why Kourt chose you to be the guardian of her kids. Kourt is such a wonderful mother and person, I liked how she told Kim “you need to choose one person to be with” it was a kind way of saying stop being a …. Well you know!!! :) Such a huge fan…Much love!!! :)

  8. fb100004156897839 |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2012

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  9. Haidee De Fraine |  Posted on Aug 27th, 2012


  10. Carly |  Posted on Aug 27th, 2012

    Your family should seriously count themselves lucky that they have a sister like you! once again you proved why you’re my fave, you actually care!!. I can’t deal with your mum or kim (sometimes). Glad family comes before money with you and Kourt :) and it’s no wonder you and kourtney are sooo close. x

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