Nicole’s & My April Fools Gift to Kim :)


I’ve been friends with Nicole for years and she has ALWAYS been a huge prankster. So yesterday on April Fools Day she asked me for Kim’s Twitter password and suggested that we come up with funny things to tweet together as Kim. So I of course gave it to her and she immediately started tweeting and changing Kim’s pics. I was dying!!!! It was so funny because I was trying to act like I had no idea but Kim was blaming me and everyone on Twitter just assumed I was the one responsible LOL. I guess that would make sense given my past Twitter hacking record haha. Jonathan of course had to get in on the fun as well!

I love that Nicole did that, she’s amazing. April Fools Day is pretty much her favorite holiday.

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    Anna |  Posted on Apr 2nd, 2010

    LOL. me and my best friend did the same thing. i pretty much died laughing! i love april fools day. you look amazing khloe. im a HUGE fan! i hope i can meet you one day. i live in saudi arabia sadly so the chances are 0 unless i go to you. love you and your whole family!

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    MariaDE |  Posted on Apr 2nd, 2010

    LOL, so funny!

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    beautylogicblog |  Posted on Apr 2nd, 2010

    that was hilarous. I was wondering about those weird tweets she was sending.

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    Deallie |  Posted on Apr 2nd, 2010

    omg lmaoo! i bet she was freaking out like khloe stop it haha :D
    follow me on twitter babe? xdeallie ive sent like looooooooooooooads of msgs lol x
    LUV U KHLOE !!
    and btw
    you dont need to looseweight AT ALL!!!!!
    ur perfecttttttt x

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    Mellie |  Posted on Apr 2nd, 2010

    By far the funniest April Fools that I’ve read! lol Besides that, it’s 3rd April here in Australia and everyone here has stopped pranking!

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    maya |  Posted on Apr 2nd, 2010

    April Fool’s pranks are lame.

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    kathryn |  Posted on Apr 2nd, 2010

    haha, im a big fan of ur show and im young lol i wanna meet u lol =] tht was a good joke

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    Stephanie Prendergast |  Posted on Apr 2nd, 2010

    Hey Khloe, i follow you everyday on Twitter. I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians all the time, and khloe and kourtney in miami :) i love you so much. you have the best personality and a great sense of humour. i would love to meet you which probly would never happen since i live in ireland & im sure your very busy but it would mean the world if you tweeted back to me if you had the time . if your ever in ireland tweet me!
    Thanks for your time:)

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    Angela- |  Posted on Apr 2nd, 2010

    LOL Khloe!!
    I follow you all the time on twitter and facebook. Every tuesday i Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians with my mum and I lovee Kylie and Kendall and of course you!
    I would love to meet you but probley never happen, your busy and i live in Australia.
    If you ever make it to Australia tweet me!
    thanks (: (:
    Angela xxxxxx

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    Elizabeth |  Posted on Apr 2nd, 2010

    That’s badass!! I especially like the “diarreah” part. Very cool, I’m sure Kim LOVED that!!! You guys are pretty radical if you ask me!

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