My workout is paying off

All of us Kardashian Dolls have been totally committed to working out this summer. And now we are all seeing results! Sometimes I don’t like what the tabloids write, but this time they got it right! LOL.

If you guys ever want to hit me up for advice or just want to vent about your own diet and workout routines, please feel free to do it on this blog! I would totally love to help if I can!

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    tima |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2008

    keep up the good work ! your gorgeous just the way you are !:D

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    LadyReign |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2008

    You look great Khloe congratulations. Don’t get to skinny though. Right now you look like a sexy pin-up girl, stay that way.

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    Columbus, GA |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2008

    The key is to just stay active. So if you do “cheat”, then its not as bad. It’ll balance itself out. Khloe, I think you & Kourt should do a show of you two when ya’ll decide to do the clothing line thing.

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    Jennifer |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2008

    Hello Khloe! :)
    You look so gooooooood! xD btw, how do you get thise long eyelashes? =)

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    Tina |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2008

    I do think you look pretty good. I noticed that you were losing weight in recent pictures. Keep up the good work.

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    NYC |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2008

    Khloe you look great! I recently lost 15 pounds due to me having my tonsils removed. I was in so much pain due the surgery. However, the reward was the weight lost. I have increased my workouts and continue to eat healthy.

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    Jessica |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2008

    I have a question, i know your sister did the velashape, but are there any other tricks you have on getting rid of cellulite??


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    keeare |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2008

    well i dont know i never thought you were fat in the first place your just tall so it makes you look thicker but overall you really look great to me but its good that you are trying to look slimmer any ways a little weight loss can never hurt

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    ipooglitter |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2008

    KLO you look hot, you are the baddest bitch!

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    rob |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2008

    Damn we are all losing weight ever since kim asked us to join her in a diet and work out its working i got like 3 weeks till i check my b4 and after! ive been hearing alot of positive feedback and so will u khloe u really look FAB!

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