My #1 Fansite, Khloe Daily!


Hi dolls. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I wanted to tell you about a fansite I recently discovered.  It’s called Khloe Daily and I saw it when I was reading through my @replies on Twitter. I clicked on the link and was brought to such an AMAZING site devoted to yours truly! LOL.  I know I say this all the time but I still can’t believe I actually have fans — I haven’t adjusted to that yet haha. 

The site was created by a young girl and she has put so much hard work into it. She updates all the time with everything I’m doing, whether it’s interviews, or posts from my blog, or just random paparazzi shots.  She might even update more than I do LOL.
I’m so flattered to even have a fansite at all, let alone such a beautiful one!!! I hope all of you check it out for all the latest Khloé dirt– xoxo

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    Kasia |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2010

    I love this site!!! it’s amazing.

    Khloe please convince Kim to write a similar note about her fansites hah. for example, that i run :)

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    Melissa |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2010

    I love that site..I am there all the time. She has the best pics.

    You are adored, woman – GET USED TO IT!!


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    Francesca MissBliss |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2010

    We love KhloeDaily!! They actually made me Doll of the Month for this month, & my reason & picture with you is listed on the site!! :) Please read my reason, love you girl! <3

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    Kasia |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2010

    you may not even know, but each of you dolls have a fansites: You, Kim and Kourntey.

    take care doll :)

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    Kasia |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2010

    sorry for mistake

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    Paula |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2010

    It is a super cool site!!Ya Khloe you have fans!Even in Spain!! :)


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    brea |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2010

    of course you have fans your amazing!!! you are my favourite Kardashian by a mile! xx

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    Heather Bee |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2010

    Khloe you SO have fans! I love the show. I’m totally obsessed with it. I watch reruns all the time…haha. just saying! your my favorite, you seriously crack me the hell up! you always have fans that support you!

    Love you, xoxo
    Heather Bee!

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    Jennifer Mouzooni |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2010

    aww you deserve one khloe! btw your body looks great… it always looked great but i just saw your quicktrim commercial for the first time yesterday dang i can’t believe you guys are making so much progress so fast i’m soo proud of you!! love u guys

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    nono |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2010

    I love all Kardashians but Khloe ur my favorite. I feel like most girls can relate to you the most because you have such great morals and principles!! The isn’t working for me?? I’ll keep trying..but you have fans FOR SURE!! even my mother adores you and she says that you have a killer body and legs to kill for :P and we’re in Canada && my bff is in Belgium & she adores you, so keep up the work!!

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