My Babies

Khloe Kardashian Shares Pic From A Girls Night Out On Instagram
My babies. @jada_ap & @andreabutler3

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    revert12 |  Posted on Nov 4th, 2012

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  2. annie7 |  Posted on Nov 4th, 2012

    All of you look beautiful!

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  3. sweenyj89 |  Posted on Nov 4th, 2012

    I second that. Gorgeous ladies night out. Khloe you’re awesome.

  4. Lola Wants |  Posted on Nov 4th, 2012

    KHLOE, you and your friends look very pretty. Hope that you all had fun! :D

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Nov 4th, 2012

    Khloe, you ladies are the real basketball wives. Hope you guys fun!!!!! xo

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    shellpettit42 |  Posted on Nov 4th, 2012

    Hello Khloe Just wanted to drop by an let you know I just watched your video on Bullying. Just wanted you to know that my Husband and I both think you are very beautiful and the best looking one of Y’all 3 sister’s. Love the show’s and cant wait until the new season starts. Take Care. Lots of Love From North Carolina.

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    AshleeEllen |  Posted on Nov 4th, 2012

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