Motivational Monday: Everyday Is A Special Occasion

Khloe Kardashian - Everyday of your life is a special occasion

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  1. Laura Ford |  Posted on Oct 28th, 2013


  2. Laura Riddle |  Posted on Oct 28th, 2013

    Khloe, thanks for posting this! Thomas S. Monson is the prophet for The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints or The Mormon Church. I just so happen to be mormon and grateful for your positive message that will reach so many. I love watching you grow and change and know you have a kind, loving heart. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Oct 28th, 2013

    Love this quote!!! Any day God allows you to wake up it is another reason to celebrate and live life to the fullest.

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