Meeting and Greeting for bebe :)

Thank you to everyone who came to say hi to me and Kimmie on Wednesday at the bebe store!!!! We’re so proud of our collection and your guys’ support means so much to us.

With that said, I also have to apologize to all of you who waited in line for us, only for the fire marshall to shut it down :( We can’t believe that happened! We love every opportunity we get to meet and talk to you guys and we were so upset. Hopefully that won’t happen again.

Kim is wearing a bebe dyed bandage dress and I am wearing bebe moto leggings, a black basic tank top, bebe silk twill long blazer and Christian Louboutin booties.

Go to to get our looks!

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    Laura Madere |  Posted on May 20th, 2010

    What I look forward to this Summer is:

    Visiting SCAD in Savanna Georgia, my daughter got excepted for art classes at the college this Summer which is great since we wanted to check it out anyway. She thinks she may make that her College of choice?

    I plan on having an Amazing time in Savanna while my daughter is in school. Yeah

    Plan on still pushing my website, Smart Moms Saving Money to help it become one of the best FREEBIE and Deal Sites on the Internet.

    I plan on giving more of my free time to the animal shelters here in New Orleans. I LOVE helping the animals, I’d LOVE to open a Pitt Bull Rescue , but for now it’s a dream.

    And I plan on having lots of BBQS with my family eating a lot of great salads out of our garden and enjoying ripe Summer fruits of the season from the French Market. Yummy

    Khloe, may you and your family have enjoy each other, have much happiness and success!
    Much love,

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    Shoya |  Posted on May 21st, 2010


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    emi |  Posted on May 21st, 2010

    aw you look so pretty! kim used to be so beautiful but now she just looks so fake from all her plastic surgery.

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    Lauren |  Posted on May 21st, 2010

    I didn’t notice til like this year, but Kim looks JUST like Kris! Like, that is her twin!

    Love ya bunches Khloe and you looked stunning. Those pants are super cute and as always, you wear kick ass shoes!

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    steph |  Posted on May 24th, 2010

    hey khloe:) you guies look totally cute! I had a question ive been trying to find your store online (dash) and the links always send me to another site, is there a way i can rech the site or does it not have a site anymore?

  6. kardahiongirl1234 |  Posted on Dec 29th, 2011

    you look hot i have a pair of christen loubitions my self too

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