Mason Is the Cutest Trick or Treater!

Just saw these pics online and I seriously died. My little Mason looked beyond adorable for his first Halloween and I’m sooooo excited to see him in just a few short hours (I’m en route to NYC right now). Kourt did such a good job of dressing him up. And can we just talk about how gorgeous Kourtney looks in this pirate costume?!

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    Nicole N |  Posted on Nov 1st, 2010

    Oh my him and Kort look adorable!
    What were you for haloween?!

    Love you, Khole!

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    candace |  Posted on Nov 1st, 2010

    hi there im not sureif you will get this but if you do i’d like to say that you are my fav sister and i named my little girl after you lol, me and her watch you dolls every sunday night. you and your husband make such a beautiful couple. manson looked so cute in his costum and kourt looked gorgeous as always… khloe keep well and hope we get good news from your side like maybe a bread in the oven if you know what i mean hahaha… love from south africa

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    Alma esquivel |  Posted on Nov 1st, 2010

    Hola khloe! What where you and lamar
    For halloween? Im a big fan of you!! Xxx

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    rebecca97 |  Posted on Nov 1st, 2010

    hey mason lookz so cute.!!!!! i luv his little green costum wat is he a froglol, he is so cute. i bet u guys get kind od irritatd that the poperazzi follow u guyz everywhere.i mean seriously u cant even take mason trick or treatin without bein followd. and kourtneys costume lookz relly cool to. well i gtg luv kloe , lamar bi.

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    caitlin23 |  Posted on Nov 1st, 2010

    kourt and mason look so cute! you guys have an amazing family & you are all very blessed :) love you on E!

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    kristen |  Posted on Nov 1st, 2010

    Kourtney looks like Kim in this picture.

    Mason is sooooo cute.

    Love you girls <3

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    Monica |  Posted on Nov 1st, 2010

    they rocked it! Kourtney is a hott momma.. and Mason is sooo cute i could just eat him lol.

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    Julie |  Posted on Nov 1st, 2010

    They looked adorable. Mason looks so much like Scott, yet a thousand times cuter. lol. KOURT WAS WORKIN THIS OUTFIT FOR SURE. they looked great

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    Kenyana Williams |  Posted on Nov 1st, 2010

    I jus love how little mason looks like Rob, and Kourt is sooooooooo good wit him but why does Scott the ass who I can not stand always look so damn stiff in his clothes and he never holds Mason I always see Kourt holdin him. I cant wait for the day she sees him for what he truly is and leaves his ass. Later Gurl

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    doris |  Posted on Nov 1st, 2010

    They look fab. What is Scott? lol

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