Looks Like Someone Raided My Closet…

Kris Jenner Wears Khloe Kardashian's Black X Factor Dress
Oh hi momager! I see you raided my closet LOL #BitchStoleMyLook

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  1. Glinis Kennedi Buffalo |  Posted on Nov 22nd, 2012

    Awe Khloe, you need to stop calling your mom a b*tch. I lost my mom almost 7 years ago and I miss her every day. Its so disrespectful the way you talk to her on your reality show. I know moms can drive you crazy but its cause they love you. You need to be more sensitive even your husband lost his mom. I always wonder what Lamar thinks when you publicly humiliate her, does he ever say anything to you about it? One day your mom won’t be around, so stop being so mean and a brat because I know you are better than that and you and your sisters need to be role models for your younger sisters. They treat her the same way as you girls do. I am just telling you this so you have regrets. Remember, you and your mom chose your guys relationship as in your manager.

    • Jacqueline Vera Mayfield |  Posted on Nov 22nd, 2012

      i agree 100 percent.

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        revert8976 |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2012

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    • Melissa C. Iglesias |  Posted on Nov 22nd, 2012

      I agree too! :)

  2. Glinis Kennedi Buffalo |  Posted on Nov 22nd, 2012

    sorry, no regrets.

    • Natalie De Soto |  Posted on Nov 22nd, 2012

      Sorry about your mom but Khloe was teasing she didnt mean it she just joking and Kris knows it :) x

  3. kelsim23 |  Posted on Nov 22nd, 2012

    #bitchstolemylook is just something they say on fashion police when two people are wearing the same thing :) you both suit the dress! and you both look gorgeous!

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    gloing22 |  Posted on Nov 23rd, 2012

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    Jennerdollss |  Posted on Nov 23rd, 2012

    I Just want to show you how much I love you and hope you notice this letter

    every day i tweet you and hope i get a tweet even a retweet from you even a hey would make me smile so much! And make the rest of my day!

    You make such an impact on people’s lives! Youv helped me so much and you don’t even realise ,you so are just so inspirational and that’s why your my role model ,like when you say never give up,don’t stop dreaming,things like that just make me smile.

    You make me smile every day khloe!

    You are my rolemodel I look up to you , you don’t know how perfect you are to me and so many other dolls!

    I hope one day you will follow me I love you so much I couldn’t possibly put it in words!you always say don’t give up on your dreams I never will because my dream is a follow from you!
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    recraig |  Posted on Nov 25th, 2012

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