Late night date night

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Late Night Date Night

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Jan 7th, 2013

    So cute. Love you and Lamar so much!!!!! Hope you guys enjoyed your late night dinner.

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    Jennerdollss |  Posted on Jan 7th, 2013

    @khloekardashian you are amazing so beautiful,you have an amazing personality your just perfect!! I love you so much my angel,hope one day you will follow me,but till then ill be here supporting you forever and always beautiful you are my World!<33

    Love you so so much – @jenkardashdolls
    People say never give up on your dreams ,I never will my dream is a follow from you!!, My idol,inspiration in life,my angel,I love you!!!

  3. Gisela Roperto |  Posted on Jan 7th, 2013

    Hey Mrs Odom,
    Just stopping by .. Too show some love.. I don’t have a twitter or Instagram .. So I can’t keep up with you … On a Daily Basis.. But still a Huge Fan.. Not because of the name or tv.. Just because underneath all the Glamour your a .. Women that works… A women that has a relationship a family that is unique.. And your open to critics.. And haters.. And despite it all .. You have a smile .. That’s why I’m a huge FAN!!! .. Mrs Odom .. May the blessings surround you .. And may The Lord keep you in his GLORY.. Take care..

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    clothesbiz6 |  Posted on Jan 8th, 2013


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    T Renee |  Posted on Jan 21st

    Hey Khloe..I’m a huge fan of yours :) your my favorite Sister!! I just watched the new episode from sunday..and I am really heartbroken that this happening to you & your husband, whom I also like :) You two are made for one another..Aand I pray that this distance between you two pass over..prayers and Faith are everything in a marriage/relationship, I’ve been married for 8 yrs but weve been together for 16yrs with 4 beautiful children. It hasn’t always been easy,but I stick in there because I made a vow and I absolutely love my Husband/family..You can get through this if you want it bad enough. Don’t be so quick to give up & let the Devil claim victory over destroying another marriage. I will pray that you & your Lammy work together for it is only you & him should make that decision if things can be repaired or not..God bless BABY GIRL…#Teamstaytogether #makelovenotwar

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