Lamar is Nominated for the All-Star Team!

  • Lamar Odom Dallas Mavericks
  • Lamar Odom Dallas Mavericks
  • Lamar Odom Dallas Mavericks
  • Lamar Odom Dallas Mavericks

Lamar Odom Dallas Mavericks

It’s that time of year again dolls — NBA All-Star voting time!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m so proud of my hubby and everything he has accomplished and the fact that he has been nominated is such an honor for him. Please head over to and vote as much as you possibly can! You can vote everyday! YAY LAMMY! LOL

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    chaarrleeyy |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

    Well done Lamar! :D The UK is sooooooo proud!

    • @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted on Jan 10th, 2012

      Doll trust me we are all voting everyday. I know he will make it this year xoxo

    • Tress |  Posted on Jan 11th, 2012

      Go LO! Go LO! Go LO! Go LO! WoooooHoooooo!

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    chaarrleeyy |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

    Also proud of myself for being up at 1:18am to comment on here:’) tweet me Khloe? @chaarrleeyy I LOVE YOU!

  3. KhloMoney_Dolls |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

    He has my votes daily KoKo! He truly deserves to be an all-star. I’m praying I see LO in All-star gear on February 26th

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    marianne2012 |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

    What a bunch of BS, First of all the voting is for the fans and people knowledgable of sports talent, not a bunch of undeucated groupies that follow a reality television person for no good reason. This season Lamar has cried like a baby to leave LA and now that he is in Dallas his performance stinks and he is crying like a baby even more. Guess that is what happens when you go from being a sports star to a nickname blasted on the internet daily (Lam Lam …….Comon) Leave the sport community alone Khloe as the sportswriters and fans are not a group you want to piss off!

    • Tress Brown |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

      Get a life. You brought your behind to HER blog. She will post what she wants on HER blog whenever she likes. If YOU don’t want to read what’s on HER blog than take yourself somewhere else. With that being said, Lamar has MY daily vote!

    • avatar
      Kenyan gal |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

      Get your own life loser your comments prove that you are that one uneducated jealous groupie, no one dragged your ass to Khloe’s blog…get a life and stop hating.

  5. Jennifer Stowell Martinez |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012


  6. Melissa Osorto |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

    It’s about damn time lol

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    classy2missy |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

    YAAA!!!! KEEP UP THE GRRRRATE WORK!!!!! ill be VOTING! *HUGS* ( i love the show)

  8. Jacquelin Adams |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

    im so happy that lamar has a second chance this year to make it to the all star game i may not watch basket ball but the lakers / dallas are my fav team now i spent most of my morning watching re runs or ur show kloe and lamar and i wish everyone including me had what u to have ur so great together u are truly my fav kdash sister good luck this season with ur show cant wait for it to come bk on good luck and ill do my best to vote for lamar everyday that i can

  9. Shameka Gilbert |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

    Khloe, I am happy for both of you because your love and support enable Lamar to achieve success. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Thanks for being genuine and for being you!

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    melaii_89 |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

    hi!! I just voted!!! I’ll do it everyday!!! Yay!!! Kisses and hugs from Merida,Yucatán, Mexicoo!! XD!!

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